League players want Arcane character added but not one you expect

league of legends arcane zaun yordleRiot Games

League of Legends’ Netflix show, Arcane, has exceeded expectations for LoL fans across Runeterra, so much so that they’re demanding a minor yet adorable character is added to the game itself.

With League of Legends’ animated Netflix show, Arcane, finally making its debut on November 6, the show has inspired fans both old and new to dive into the ever-expanding LoL universe.

Starring iconic in-game characters such as Jinx, Vi, Jayce, Viktor, Caitlyn, and the adorable Heimerdinger, it turns out that some members of the supporting cast have stolen the spotlight from Runeterra’s biggest stars.

Specifically, one of Zaun’s resident ladies of the night has captured the attention of avid fans, who now want her added to the game itself.

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League of Legends two girls back to back fighting one fires a large gunRiot Games
While Vi and Jinx are at the core of the Arcane story, some of the title’s other characters have stolen the show.

Fans demand Riot add adorable Arcane character to League

As Jinx, Vi, and their comrades return from their heist in Piltover, we catch a glimpse of the poverty-ridden streets of Zaun, the Undercity. Immersed in an eerie green fog and a hive of illicit activity, there’s a lot to see.

However, as the merry band of misfits traverse the streets they come across a particularly fiendish looking Yordle, who apparently has enchanted fans with her feminine mystique.

A tweet from digital artist, Kyon, that imagines the character strutting her stuff on the Rift has gone viral. Writing “c’mon @riotgames make it real,” it looks like the title’s fanbase are very much in agreement.

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On respondent calls the character “iconic” despite only appearing in the show for a “few seconds.”

Another tags Riot’s Principal Character Designer, August, writing “I know the guy for the job.”

Finally, one fan has imagined what this elusive lady’s abilities would look like in-game, playing on her charming disposition and, of course, her age.

Whether or not we see the fan favorite Yordle take to the streets of Runeterra remains to be see, but either way she’s successfully stolen the hearts of the LoL community.