League is trying out one of the better features of Wild Rift

Declan Mclaughlin

Riot Games is testing out a new system in League of Legends inspired by the developer’s other MOBA title, Wild Rift.

Riot dropped its early 14.10 patch notes for League of Legends and one particular change has caught the eye of many players: the re-introduction of the item Zephyr via a boots upgrade. Players will be able to purchase the item if they have already built Berserker’s Graves and hit level 15.

Boots have long been a staple item in League. Every player gets them to help move faster, then purchases one of its upgraded versions, like Berserker’s Graves, for even more speed and stats. However, that has been the end of the item’s usefulness, barring a short period where boots had upgradable enchantments.

In long games, players often sell their upgraded boots for an item with more late-game power. However, with this Zephyr upgrade test, players could get a boots system similar to what Riot has done in Wild Rift, encouraging them to keep the item deep into the game.

In the mobile title, players can purchase an upgrade for the base boots that give them a new active effect. Popular options like the Boots of Swiftness and Mercury’s Treads are in Wild Rift, but they also gain an active of another item like Protbelt or Zhonya’s Hourglass.

While slightly different as a third upgrade into a new item, this change seems directly cribbed from Wild Rift. The system in the mobile game works well, as it adds more dynamic play to the item. It also makes selecting specific boots matter as more than just a simple stat upgrade that’s overshadowed by almost every other item classification.

While Wild Rift hasn’t reached the same popularity as Riot’s other titles, its innovations in the developer’s existing MOBA systems are still influencing its League of Legends team.

If players respond well to the new item, the devs seem eager to add an upgrade to the other boot offerings in the game and could streamline item choices even more.

The potential new boot upgrade system will start its test with Zephyr as patch 14.10 drops on May 15.