PSG Talon eliminate FlyQuest from MSI 2024 in devastating 2-0 sweep

Carver Fisher

FlyQuest invested big into their League of Legends roster going into 2024, and they made it to MSI in their first split together. However, they’d go on to lose against PSG Talon and drop out of the tournament in play-ins.

PSG Talon is a team that’s no stranger to upsetting major regions, and MSI 2024 has been no different. And, despite FlyQuest managing to beat them 2-1 in their prior matchup at this event, PSG Talon took home the win when it mattered most.

This loss wasn’t quite as bad as FlyQuest’s record-breaking defeat against T1, but it also means that the second best LCS team is out of the tournament. People had high expectations for this team, but it just didn’t work out.

So, what actually happened? Why did FlyQuest lose?

Game 1 was pretty tame across the map for the first 20 minutes of the match, with PSG Talon having a slight advantage. Bwipo tried to make something happen with his lead just before that 20-minute mark, but his engage was a bit far from the rest of FlyQuest. They were forced to engage into Azir’s passive tower, which is never ideal.

The game took a real turn at this point, with the LCS team going on to lose Drake Soul and never quite getting their footing. Inspired, despite being an MVP-level jungler, didn’t have much impact in this game, either.

Game 2 saw an early blunder from FlyQuest where Inspired opted to trade an early Drake for top-side pressure, perhaps the right move if he was able to find an advantage. But the initial gank went wrong, FlyQuest overchased, and they got off to a really rough start.

From there, FlyQuest just fell apart. It was a one-sided win for PSG Talon where FlyQuest got outpaced and outsmarted in every way. Tower dives, lost Drakes, and a complete collapse in both sidelanes. This game was brutal across the board as Jensen and Inspired watched both sides of the map crumble.

With a final kill count of FlyQuest’s 5 to PSG Talon’s 28, they never had a shot in Game 2. The disappointment and devastation was clear on the faces of every FlyQuest player by the set’s end.

And, with this, North America’s second seed team is out of MSI 2024. Team Liquid has a lot of work to do if they want to buck the trend of poor LCS performance internationally and prove the region is still worth those major region slots.

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