League of Legends announces next two champions set for visual updates

Lee SinLeague of Legends

Riot has confirmed that two more League of Legends champions will get getting a makeover in 2023 via the art & sustainability updates.

A new trend for LoL champions that have begun to show their age a bit is for them to get mini-reworks, like the most recent changes to Aurelion Sol.

For champions that are in a fine state gameplay-wise, but are still looking a bit dated, the approach is to give their art and champion models an update with an ASU.

Caitlyn and Ahri were two of the most recent champions to receive an ASU, but they won’t be the last as two more are currently in development.

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Two more League of Legends champs slated for visual updates

In a video posted on February 16, Riot devs Brightmoon and Meddler confirmed that two more champions would be getting ASUs following the success of Caitlyn and Ahri. And, in contrast to past ASUs, these two champions will be getting updated at the same time.

Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, and Teemo, the Swift Scout, will both be getting a facelift in the near future in 2023, according to the devs.

The developers also touched on several other pain points that players have been discussing, including the changes to ARAM earlier in the year, the unwieldy lore of Runeterra, the upcoming new game modes, and a change to champion pricing.

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One massive change that will come as a direct result of these two ASUs is that the champion release schedule will be slowed, since some personnel had to be taken off the new champion teams to help with the updates and with new game modes.

This will likely mean that there will be fewer new champions in 2024 than players are used to. However, this will come at the benefit of more updates to older champions who could use some love.