League of Legends leak suggests Viego’s wife Isolde will be champion 154

Alex Garton

A League of Legends leaker with a reliable track record has potentially revealed that Isolde, Viego’s wife, will be the next champion added to Summoner’s Rift.

League of Legends’ ever-expanding roster of champions has now reached over 150 in total and it doesn’t look like Riot is planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Although it hasn’t even been a month since the release of the Ruined King himself, players are already beginning to speculate on who will be arriving on Summoner’s Rift next.

Well, a reliable leaker may have just confirmed exactly who the new champion will be and she definitely has close ties to Viego.

New champion league
Riot revealed some clues about the upcoming champions in a Dev video back in January.

Leaker suggests Isolde will be the next new champion

The reliable leaker and Brazilian streamer Camilla “Streamiebr” Falk has potentially leaked that Isolde will be the next champion arriving in League of Legends.

In a recent tweet, the streamer revealed that her source told her that players can expect to see the skins Battle Academia Caitlyn and Blitzcrank added to the game soon. Despite that being a big leak in itself, it’s her reply to the original tweet that’s had League fans incredibly excited: “Isolde Academia de Batalha… (especulando).”

Translated into English, Streamiebr is simply speculating that Riot may be planning on making a Battle Academia Isolde skin. Although the skin idea is just a speculation, the fact that she’s acknowledged Isolde as a champion has suggested to fans that her source has told her that she is the new upcoming champion.

Despite this potential leak being incredibly exciting for players, it’s fair to say a lot of League of Legends fans had already predicted that Viego’s wife would be the next champion. In a Dev video back in January, Riot gave players a number of hints about the upcoming champion, linking them to sewing and suggesting they had a direct tie to Viego.

Of course, players immediately made the connection between these hints and Viego’s Wife Isolde, who is described as a seamstress in the lore.

Although the evidence is mounting up for Isolde, it’s important that leaks like this should be taken with a pinch of salt. In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep an eye out for any more clues and hope Riot releases an official reveal as soon as possible.

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