Lead TFT dev Mortdog teases “big rework” on the way for Pilltover in future patch

Liam Ho
Legends of Runeterra Heimerdinger

Lead developer of Teamfight Tactics Mortdog has revealed that the econ trait Piltover will likely receive a “big rework” sometime in the near future.

Teamfight Tactics has been a monumental success for Riot Games. The auto-battler featuring classic champions from League of Legends has taken the world by storm, easily becoming one of the most popular within the genre. In order to keep things fresh with TFT, Riot introduced sets, these would change up what units were available, and would also introduce a new mechanic for players to play with.

Set 9 of TFT, Runeterra Reforged brought about the brand new portals mechanic. Each portal would alter the game in some shape or form, making each match of TFT feel different. Alongside these portals, Riot introduced a bunch of new units, traits, and augments to refresh the game further. One of these new traits is the econ trait Piltover, which allows players to lose streak and cash out for massive rewards.

When Piltover is active, players gain control of a T-Hex which gains charges each time a player loses. Lose streaking results in more charges being gained, and winning converts the charges to power, granting strength to the T-Hex. However it appears that players aren’t enjoying the way Piltover works, so Riot is looking to give the trait a rework sometime soon.

Lead TFT dev reveals Piltover trait will receive rework

Lead developer Mortdog teased that the trait would be receiving a rework on their stream.

“So, you wanna know the dirty secret of Piltover? We’re probably going to give it a big rework. Assuming it was or was not in the mid-set, even before that. It’s pretty clear people don’t like choosing the T-Hex or the loot. Having to choose one or the other sucks so we’re probably going to give it some love. To make it a little easier to play, probably, no promises, no promises.” the dev stated.

With no date currently set it’s uncertain when these changes will land on the live servers only time will tell when we see the new Piltover.

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