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Game-breaking League exploit lets you spam item actives endlessly

Published: 22/Nov/2020 14:20

by Luke Edwards


It seems Riot has accidentally added an items-only version of URF into League at the start of pre-season. This newly discovered exploit, which allows players with a sheen to reset the cooldown of active items at will, is insanely broken.

Riot has made a few adjustments to the sheen item in League of Legends lately. With developers keen to make mana items less abundant, the build potential from a sheen – which empowers the player’s next auto-attack after using an ability – has changed. While items like Iceborn Gauntlet have been removed, other items like Essence Reaver now have a sheen in its build path.


Riot also had to issue a hotfix during the latest patch after players were soloing baron at 20 minutes with tank junglers like Amumu, due to the bami’s cinder items being massively overtuned.

While that hotfix mostly impacted game balance, this current issue is downright unfair. It goes without saying, but if you try to abuse this exploit in your ranked game, you’ll probably pick up a ban.

Riot Games
Riot made these changes in the preseason update patch.

Game-breaking sheen exploit in League of Legends

One player, u/brivin17, shared this video of the bug, which shows any player with a sheen and an item with an active can reduce the active cooldown to just 2.5 seconds.


So this is a little bit dumb, and it’s easy to reproduce by following these steps:

  1. Use an item active
  2. Use an ability
  3. Swap the places of the exhausted item and the sheen in the item slots
  4. Auto-attack to proc the sheen effect
  5. Voila: your exhausted item is ready to use again

This exploit is particularly broken on champions like Ezreal, who naturally build a sheen item, like a Tri-Force, and an item with an active, like a Blade of the Ruined King.

It also opens up opportunities for champions like Ashe, who could build the mythic item Galeforce and an Essence Reaver. This would grant her unlimited dashes, negating her central weakness: a lack of mobility.

Ashe splash
Riot Games
Imagine Ashe’s kiting ability with extra access to dashes.

Equally, support players could pick up a Sheen for 700 gold, then use it to access unlimited use of Redemption. Due to the nature of the role, it’d be easier to manage the slot switches during teamfights too.


It’s unlikely Riot will let this exploit stick around for much longer before they issue a hotfix, so have fun with it while you can. Just make sure you only use it in customs with friends.