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Riot Games unveils mysterious new teaser for League champion 152

Published: 22/Nov/2020 12:06 Updated: 23/Nov/2020 1:29

by Luke Edwards


Before the end of the year, it looks like we could be seeing a new champ hit the rift. Not much is known so far about League’s new ‘runaway criminal’ champ teased by Riot. But, thanks to some detective work from the community, some neat info about them has been dug up.

While Riot has also teased the potential of the Ruined King – the title character from the upcoming RPG – coming to the rift, this character is believed to be a separate release, with the Ruined King coming next year.

The build-up to the release of Seraphine came with an Instagram account and pop music to suit her colorful playstyle. With this upcoming champ, we’re getting something far darker and grittier.


On November 21, Riot released its first initial teaser. The video features a burning lance, ominous background sound, and the caption: “Hurt someone enough, and they might just hurt you back.”

What do we know about the ‘runaway criminal’?

As part of their September champion roadmap, Riot announced they were working on a new “mid-lane mage and a support to round out the year.” The mid-lane mage, as we now know, is Seraphine. This leaves the support, who is likely our ‘Runaway Criminal’.

A 'wanted' poster for the League's runaway criminal champ
Riot Games
The filename for this poster is “05_Support_Teaser”, which all but confirms the role of the new champ.

As part of the roadmap, Riot issued an arrest warrant for an “EXTREMELY dangerous” fugitive. The fugitive is described to be “heavily armored and will attack if even slightly provoked,” suggesting this champ is going to be a tank support. If this is the case, then this new champ will be the first dedicated tank support since Tahm Kench was released in 2015.


What are their abilities?

This champion could have some inbuilt anti-tank capabilities. The teaser advises: “Wear light armor, as reports show warbands have been killed with their heavy gear twisted and shattered.” Could this champion provide anti-armor debuffs to allow AD Carries to shred through frontlines? Or will they be the one dealing damage to tanks?

The preseason shop splash shows the lance of the runaway fugitive.
Redditor u/Spideraxe30 spotted the runaway criminal’s lance in the preseason shop splash.

The teaser also claims, “[the] criminal’s been known to mount a quick retreat when cornered,” which suggests some form of speed boost or dash will be part of the champ’s kit, allowing players to slip out of sticky situations.

It looks like the runaway fugitive will be Riot’s latest support champ, and they could well be one of the most uniquely designed yet.


When is the next League champion coming out?

Riot stated in September they were “on track” to release two new champions before the year closed out. Given this latest teaser has been released with well over a month left on the calendar, the runaway criminal should be with us by the end of 2020.