Game-breaking League exploit lets Nunu walk straight through walls

Andrew Amos
Nunu Bot in League of Legends

[jwplayer VUTJGJFV]A game-breaking Nunu exploit has been discovered in League of Legends that allows the jungler to walk straight through walls on Summoner’s Rift ⁠— with a little help from the enemy team.

Nunu’s W, Biggest Snowball Ever, can be a pretty terrifying ability. Sure, a little snow never hurt anybody, but when you see the Boy and his Yeti rolling into a lane with a massive wall of it, you know the pain train could hit hard.

Thankfully, Nunu’s W has a pretty big turning circle, and will stop if the champion is hit by crowd control, or if the two-character duo bumps into a wall. Well, that’s supposed to be the case ⁠— but it’s not like that on Patch 10.15.

Nunu and Willump in League of Legends
Nunu’s Snowball is terrifying enough already, but imagine seeing it flying over walls.

A new exploit has been uncovered that allows Nunu to walk straight through walls using his snowball, although he needs a little helping hand from the enemy team.

Vandiril shared the exploit in a July 25 YouTube video, where if Nunu is CC’d during the initial cast time of Biggest Snowball Ever, he can break through the game’s terrain. You have to time it almost frame-perfect for it to work, but it’s possible to hash it out in a custom lobby.

The exploit seems to work with only specific types of crowd control. If Nunu is stunned or slowed instead of taunted or feared, he won’t be able to travel through walls with that specific snowball.

Of course, the ramifications of such an exploit needs no introduction. The ability to traverse the map like such is huge. Only Kayn and Talon have similar abilities to go over one wall to the next.

If you are playing Fiddlesticks, Shen, or Galio into Nunu, you have to be extra careful with your abilities. If you CC Nunu at the wrong time, he could just climb over the wall to decimate your team on the other side, or make a grand escape.

It’s unclear as to how Riot are going to tackle this bug. Like most exploits, it’ll probably be squashed in the next update, which is planned for early August. However, Riot has taken moves in the past to punish players who use such an exploit to gain an unfair advantage.

Earlier in 2020, Tencent banned 3,000 League players in China for three years over using a Ornn exploit that allowed the Forge God to deal damage to players globally with his W. Similar exploits involving Poppy and Kayn were also given the same treatment.

It’s unlikely Riot will do the same for this Nunu one, given the fact it isn’t easily replicated. However, if you want to give it a try for yourself, boot up a custom lobby, and you should be able to replicate it fairly easily.