Simple Yone ability trick gives League players extra global teleport

Daniel Cleary
Yone in spirit blossom skin from league of legends

Riot has confirmed Yone as the 150th champion in League of Legends and players are already finding unique tricks with the assassin’s abilities that essentially give you an extra global teleport.

Yasuo’s brother, Yone, will arrive in Summoner’s Rift for patch 10.16, after it was revealed that he would be the second new champion added in the Spirit Blossom event, following Lillia in the 10.15 update.

Riot did a full reveal of the character and his abilities, along with a cinematic trailer revealing his lore on July 24, later releasing him on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for players to test.

Yone from League of Legends
Yone is available on League of Legends’ PBE servers, as of July 24.

Not long after the champion was added to the beta servers, an easy trick with Yone’s ‘E’ ability was found, allowing him to basically gain another teleport during a match.

The E ability, which is called ‘Soul Unbound’, lets Yone enter a spirit form and leave his body behind for five seconds, before returning back to his original position, similarly to Ekko’s ‘Chronobreak’ ultimate.

League of Legends YouTuber Vandiril shared some of the unique possibilities with Yone’s spirit form, highlighting that it can be used to quickly teleport elsewhere and back, without having to walk and miss out on resources in your lane.

It was revealed that Yone players with an empowered Baron recall could also use this trick and return to the fountain to quickly buy any items while maintaining pressure on the map.

There is only a short window available after teleporting or recalling so Yone will have limited time to dish out damage or buy items before being cast out of spirit form.

As the ability to cancel teleports was removed in League of Legends Season 9, this technique could also be used to threaten opponents globally without missing out on any gold.

Similar tricks have been found for other champions such as Akali’s E and Ekko’s R, as mentioned before, but as they can be situational and difficult to master, it is quite possible that Yone’s ability will also remain unchanged for his full release on August 5.

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