New Poppy exploit is already getting League players banned

Poppy splash art in League of LegendsRiot Games

A League of Legends exploit has been found involving Poppy and Hexflash, leading Riot to disable the Inspiration rune, but not before some players were banned for intentionally feeding.

Global ability exploits have been used in the past on certain champions. Kayn was disabled just a few weeks ago because of one, and players in China who previously used an Ornn exploit with his W got banned for three years.

However, as soon as Riot squashes one, it always seems like a new one appears. This time, it’s with Poppy, and it might just be the easiest of the bunch to replicate.

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Lollipoppy splash art for League of LegendsRiot Games
Riot are dropping the banhammer on players, not for abusing the Poppy exploit, but being on the receiving end.

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Prolific League of Legends bug finder ‘Vandiril’ shared the exploit on June 18, showing just how easy it was to do. First of all, you need to lock in Poppy. Secondly, you need to take Hexflash. And that’s pretty much it.

If Poppy used Flash while in base as the gates were coming down at the start of the game, and then used Hexflash while in fountain, they would have access to a global range Q. This would hit everything on the map ⁠— champions, minions, jungle camps, the lot.

This means that enemies could hardly leave their base before they were killed by Poppy over and over again.

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Obviously, this led to some hilarious situations, where Poppy players would rack up hundreds of kills as the enemies wallowed in their misery, waiting for the enemy team to end it all.

However, that wasn’t the only bad news awaiting those players. Some people who faced up against the Poppy exploit were actually banned for intentionally feeding ⁠— most for just 14 days, but for some, it was the final strike on their accounts.

There hasn’t been any sanctions laid against players who abused the exploit though. In previous cases, Riot has forgiven players for the most part, although 3,000 players were banned in China earlier this year for bug abuse.

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Hexflash disabled message in League of LegendsRiot Games
Hexflash is currently disabled as Riot looks to tackle the exploit.

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The Hexflash rune is currently disabled if you try to play, so there’s no way to replicate this exploit anymore. Riot are presumably looking at a way to patch it out so players can’t rack up hundreds of kills just standing in base.

If you try to equip Hexflash in the Inspiration tree, your rune choice will automatically swap to Perfect Timing. Of course, if you’re playing a champion who would typically use Hexflash, like Thresh or Leona, this may be annoying ⁠— so maybe stray away from them for the time being.