League of Legends buckles under the weight of several game-breaking bugs

League of Legends game breaking redemption bugRiot Games | minazu333

There are a few game-breaking bugs and exploits that have been discovered all at once in League of Legends, making the game almost unplayable if someone on the enemy team abuses things like a nasty active item bug that gives it virtually no cooldown and a gold generation exploit.

League of Legends has been one of the world’s most popular competitive games for the last decade, with players all around the world vying to hit the top of the ranked ladder. The sheer number of champion and item interactions gives the game a layer of complexity that’s almost unmatched in the competitive multiplayer space.

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With those layers comes the need for balance and constant changes. Many items and champions are added and tweaked, but there are bound to be a few bugs that emerge and keep the game from working as intended.

However, recent developments have brought multiple game-breaking bugs to light all at once, making for some unbelievable clips coming from solo queues at all levels of play. These include an active item abuse that gives players unlimited Redemption uses, resulting in a global rain of fire, as well as a gold exploit that gives support players more gold than their ADC.

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LoL players discover Redemption bug and gold exploit

League of Legends has had its fair share of game-breaking bugs over its long history, especially considering how many different items, champions, and mechanics have been added to the game.

For instance, Aurelion Sol’s release had a fair few bugs that resulted in him getting temporarily disabled while he was getting fixed. However, players have discovered a few different bugs all at once, resulting in a high MMR solo queue getting hit by players abusing the game with bugs that are almost impossible to win against.

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There’s an exploit that allows active items to be used with no cooldown restriction without even having the item in your inventory, resulting in items like Redemption being used globally to take over the entire map. This is related to a bug discovered with Biscuits being sold in relation to active items, but it’s much, much worse.

Additionally, players have discovered a method of basically printing gold as support, resulting in supports getting their full builds before their team manages to get a few full items.

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Caedrel called out Riot for this gold exploit alongside a now-infamous Tahm Kench bug that allows the champion to teleport all over the map.

Notice how the Tahm Kench player has a full build despite being extremely far behind in every single match with a bunch of deaths. Players are using these exploits to rocket their way up the ranked ladder and influence high MMR games, wreaking havoc in matches with some of LoL’s best players.

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Players are up in arms about the current state of the game, with so many bugs running rampant that are legitimately ruining the integrity of ranked matches. League of Legends is falling apart at the seams, yet none of these bugs have been addressed so far.

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