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Faker’s ranked League of Legends game hijacked by unkillable client bug

Published: 14/Jan/2020 5:19 Updated: 14/Jan/2020 17:43

by Andrew Amos


Unkillable demon king Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok can’t be held back by most in League of Legends, but this one pesky client bug certainly gave him a run for his money during a recent Twitch stream.

Every LoL player will tell you the client isn’t in the best shape right now. Between rune pages being invisible, the friends list randomly changing, and bug splats, getting into a game is often the most challenging thing about the MOBA.

Not even the pros are immune to the annoying bugs either. Faker learned this first-hand while on stream on January 14, taking his APM to the next level as he tried to look past the annoying bug while farming in lane.


Not even Faker can get away from bug splats in League.

Riot Games / Faker
Not even Faker can get away from bug splats in League.

About eight minutes after the game started as Faker was walking back into lane, he was hit by a bug splat. This is usually enough to emit a groan from even the most mentally composed League player, forcing them to quit the game and rejoin.

Except this time, the bug splat was for the League client running in the background. While Faker was not kicked by the game, he did have a few issues playing it.

The bug splat would never disappear no matter how many times he clicked, constantly popping back up in a new window. He smashed his mouse buttons even faster to try and get it off his screen, but it was to no avail.


Not one to be deterred by the bug, Faker continued to farm under his tower and push the lane out while not being able to see half the minions thanks to the bug splat pop-up.

He tried to kill the processes in Task Manager, but the bug splat windows were multiplying as he sat there. To end up clearing the bug, he had to disconnect, shut down his PC, and restart it to finally play the game normally.

He came back to the game about 90 seconds later, a few CS down on his opponent and a tower plate, but still well ahead thanks to his early kill. Unfortunately for Faker though, his team ended up losing the game, begging the question if things would be different had he not been forced to restart.


Riot Games
Faker wasn’t impressed with having to restart his computer to get rid of the bug splat.

The League of Legends client has been riddled with bugs since it was remade back in 2017. Team Liquid streamer Drew ‘Midbeast’ Timbs recently struggled to select his champion after all portraits were invisible in champion select, relying on teammates to type out champion picks.

Issues with the client freezing up in loading screen are common, while performance has been sluggish with changes made to the friends list to accommodate the host of new games under Riot’s umbrella.

It can happen to anyone — even Faker — and sometimes the only course of action is to restart, laugh, and move on.