Doublelift explains difference between Bjergsen and “f**king useless” LCS coaches

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Twitch streamer and former pro player Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng explained why Bjergsen was an effective head coach for TSM, and how most head coaches in the LCS are “useless” and “are there to collect a paycheck.”

Doublelift enjoyed one of the most storied careers in LCS history, having notched a record 8 LCS titles in his near-decade spent as a pro player.

Much of that time was spent as star player Bjergsen’s teammate at TSM, where the two became extremely close with one another.

Bjergsen recently announced that he was returning to play, and signed a contract with Team Liquid after spending the 2021 season as TSM’s head coach. Doublelift gave his take on Bjerg’s time as TSM’s coach and compared it to his experiences with other head coaches in the LCS.

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Doublelift now streams for TSM on Twitch.

Doublelift on “useless” LCS coaches

On November 24, Bjergsen gave his first interview after officially returning as a player.

Doublelift watched the interview on stream, and after Bjerg called being a head coach “a really hard job”, Doublelift disagreed with his former teammate.

Doublelift said, “Yeah, no, I’m gonna be honest, I think it’s just because he has such high expectations for himself. There are some seriously f***king useless coaches that are just there to collect a paycheck and do the bare minimum. Knowing Soren, he’s not coming in to coach to just f**k around. When you are the coach, you feel responsible… It’s not just your own performance anymore, it’s you, it’s the other coaching staff, the assistant coaches and analysts, and it’s also every player. And you can always be talking, moderating discussions better.”

He finished his thoughts on Bjergsen and said: “I’m sure for him, being a coach is so highly competitive, and there’s so much agency. But man, I think it’s just his perspective on being a coach. There’s quite a lot of coaches that are taking it easy.”

In Bjergsen’s one season as TSM’s head coach, the club finished with the best record in the LCS at 30-15, but failed to qualify for a Worlds appearance after losing to Cloud9.

While Bjergsen viewed his time as TSM’s coach as a difficult one, Doublelift saw that mostly as a reflection of how high his expectations are of himself.

With the Danish mid laner back in the LCS as a player, his expectations will shift to getting Team Liquid back to Worlds.

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