Upset slams former Fnatic teammate Adam over “disgusting” Worlds 2021 claims

Images of Upset and AdamRiot Games

Fnatic AD carry Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp has responded to claims made by former teammate Adam ‘Adam’ Maanane about the reason he abruptly left Worlds 2021 prior to the start of the competition’s group stage.

Adam did not leave Fnatic quietly on November 24. After being released by the organization, the French top laner slammed the British org, stating he had been “treated like sh*t” and he had been the one to request a termination of his time there.

However, he also took aim at Upset, claiming that the bot laner’s sudden departure from the World Championship was due to him going home to see his wife as “she felt bad to be alone”.

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Upset quickly hit back at the claims, calling them “disgusting and hurtful”.

Images of Adam and UpsetRiot Games
Upset responded to claims, made by Adam, that he had left Worlds 2021 to prioritize his wife over the team

Upset fires back at Adam

“There is a reason I do not want to share personal things especially from the people closest to me that I love with the public,” Upset’s nearly 1,000-word TwitLonger begins.

“I shared the situation with Yamato [Fnatic head coach] and I intended to do the same with Hylissang [Fnatic support] because these were the people I felt I had a genuinely trusting relationship with that would not use my weakness and vulnerability to create a situation that could be even more hurtful in such difficult times,” he said.

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The reason behind Upset’s abrupt departure from Iceland hours before Fnatic began their Worlds campaign remains a mystery as he staunchly defended his right to privacy.

“I believe everyone has a right to privacy and I could not tell people I don’t fully trust what the situation is,” Upset added. “[Hylissang] knew me well enough as a person and how much I care about competing that he did not even want to know anything and I know people like Yamato and Hyli are friends for life.”

However, the German reserved his strongest words for those who had taken aim at his wife, Paula.

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“Regarding people writing things about my wife has been by far the most sad and hurtful part for me and her in this,” he continued. “She would never ask me to leave worlds and she has been nothing but supportive.

“People attacking her based on assumptions when they do not have any insight are really the worst and do not think for a second that there is a real human and that what you are doing is just very hurtful and disgusting.”

He went on to call out Adam specifically for his comments.

“I will restrain myself from talking about my experience working with Adam but I am honestly shocked he would send this much hate and abuse towards the direction of my wife without knowing anything because of his personal frustrations,” he said about his now-former teammate. “Saying the last thing I told my team that my wife is just feeling bad so I need to leave is an outright lie.”

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The AD carry also responded to Adam’s claim that he was “trying to change the topside including Nisqy” following their Worlds exit by trying to bring over Team Liquid top laner Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris.

“Alphari asked to speak with me after initiating talks with Fnatic due to our history as teammates and friends, which of course is a natural progression for any player looking to join any organization,” the TwitLonger reads. “Fnatic management take the decisions for what players to sign and I was simply asked to give feedback on someone and to speak to them,” Upset explained.

TL Alphari LoLTwitter: Alphari
Adam claimed Upset had tried to recruit Alphari. Upset argued he had only spoken to the top laner at the request of Fnatic

“I just wanted to share with the hope that less people are using this situation to do hurtful things and understand my point of view and how everyone has a right to privacy and should not be judged so harshly based on pure bad intentioned speculations,” Upset concluded by reiterating his right to privacy.

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With both sides having spoken their piece and Adam having left the team, a natural pause has befallen the dispute. However, there is every chance it will be reignited if other Fnatic players decide to weigh in, or Adam opts to challenge Upset’s response.