Doublelift accuses TSM owner Reginald of harassment and abuse at the org

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doublelift accuses tsm ftx reginald of being an abuserDavid Fitzgerald/RISE, LoLEsports

As the feud between League of Legends star Yilang ‘Doublelift’ Peng and TSM FTX’s owner and founder, Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh, continues, the former LoL pro has alleged that Ding “harassed and abused people” at the organization.

Following a November 9 Twitch stream where former LCS player turned streamer, Doublelift, slammed TSM FTX’s supposed “disgusting” treatment of their players and staff, the org’s owner and founder issued a lengthy response.

In a Reddit post on November 10, Reginald hit back at Doublelift’s accusations, denying them outright and promising to “part ways” with the team’s former bot-laner.

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The situation has continued to snowball online, however, as Doublelift has issued another series of posts on November 11 which accuse Reginald of harassing and abusing individuals at TSM.

league of legends doublelift in tsm jerseyLoL Esports
Following Reginald’s response, Doublelift has launched some scathing criticisms via Twitter.

Doublelift calls TSM FTX Reginald an “abuser”

Following Reginald’s Reddit post, Doublelift has once again called the TSM FTX owner out for having allegedly “harassed” his staff.

“Reading peoples’ anecdotes that Andy was nice to them and thus downplay the fact that he harassed and abused people at TSM as their boss is just so disgusting,” he writes. “No wonder people don’t feel good about speaking up about their abusers.

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“I’m not talking about hand-waveable things like being a d**k or being rude, so many people experienced public humiliation, mental breakdowns, crying at work, and still people will play it off in whatever way they can. People in power can get away with anything it seems.”

Confessing that “personally I’m in the boat of people who wasn’t affected or traumatized so it took me a while to empathize too,” he concludes that “I hope one day extremely s**tty people will have to deal with the consequences of how they treat others instead of getting a pass simply because they’re successful.”

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Reginald has not yet issued a public response to Doublelift’s latest accusations.

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