TSM owner Reginald responds to Doublelift “flaming” them with scathing claims

TSM FTX reginald replies to doublelift's lol claimsTSM FTX

After former TSM FTX bot-laner and star ADC Yilang ‘Doublelift’ Peng publicly hit out at the League of Legends behemoths, the org’s owner, Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh, has issued a response.

During a November 9 stream, LCS superstar and former TSM FTX bot-laner Doublelift called out the organization for what he described as a “disgusting” treatment of its League of Legends roster.

Concluding that “it would be a personal pleasure of mine to never see TSM win anything again because of how sh*tty they treated the people who brought them everything,” the LoL pro held nothing back with his allegations.

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Following the stream, Reginald, TSM FTX’s owner and founder, posted a lengthy response on the team’s official subreddit, saying that Doublelift was “really challenging to work with.”

Doublelift playing for TSM in the LCSLoL Esports
Doublelift’s recent outburst on stream has prompted a response from TSM FTX’s Owner.

TSM Reginald responds to Doublelift

In a post discussing Doublelift’s accusations against the org, as well as the squad’s treatment of Taiwanese support Hu ‘SwordArt’ Shuo-Chieh, Reginald denies all of Doublelift’s claims.

He challenged the notion that the org ignored Doublelift’s request for an English-speaking team, saying that the North American ADC committed to playing “if we were to sign POE and any good support player,” regardless of the language they spoke. However, according to TSM’s owner, Doublelift changed his mind as negotiations went on.

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When issues arose signing SwordArt, the org turned to Korean supports. “At this time, we reached out to Doublelift about the other potential options, including Palette and players in Korea. Doublelift then expressed that he didn’t want to play with non-English speaking players, including our Korean options, even though he was ok with such a roster earlier. He explicitly stated that he may not be as motivated if we had him play on a roster that didn’t meet his standard of a fully English-speaking roster.”

Writing that “it’s extremely discouraging for both staff and players to work with someone who is constantly ambivalent about whether he wants to play or retire,” Reginald concluded that “Peter also has this misconception that he was replaced both times solely by me, but in reality, the decision is made collectively by the players and staff he works with day to day.”

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In an attempt to explain why the player has suddenly decided to air his feelings in public, Reginald suggested that “he’s upset because we weren’t interested in working with him.” This follows reports that that Doublelift plans to return to the LCS in 2022.

“He was exploring his options and we were not interested in working with him for these reasons: he’s always changing his mind on whether he wants to play or retire,” Reginald wrote. “His teammates/coaches don’t like working with him. If he doesn’t like you or doesn’t agree with your decision-making, he flames you publicly.”

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With Reginald concluding that “we’ll start taking steps to part ways with Doublelift,” the duo’s relationship is well and truly at an end. Where the LCS star will end up remains a mystery; however, it clearly won’t be with TSM FTX.