League of Legends’ controversial Chemtech Dragon returns in Season 13 with new buffs

League of Legends Chemtech DrakeRiot Games

Originally removed from the game in January 2022, the Chemtech Dragon is returning to League of Legends in Season 13. The previously oppressive zombie mechanic is being replaced for a more balanced stat increase while still playing into the original low-health identity.

It’s safe to say the Chemtech Dragon wasn’t well received during its debut in League of Legends.

When initially launched in Season 12, Riot intended on the Chemtech Dragon to have a “higher impact on games than the original four elemental drakes.” And though they succeeded with this initial objective, slaying the dragon provided a little too much impactful.

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The biggest complaints targeted the Chemtech Dragon Soul, which allowed champions to become zombies after ‘dying’. This mechanic was excessively frustrating to counter — especially when playing from behind.

Hearing the community’s complaints, Riot temporarily removed Chemtech Drake from the game, stating “it was clear that we missed the mark this time.”

However now it’s back for League of Legends Season 13 with all new buffs while staying true to its Zaunite identity.

Chemtech DrakeRiot Games
The Chemtech Dragon has returned for League of Legends Season 13

The new Chemtech Dragon in League of Legends

Though it goes by the same name, the new Chemtech Dragon plays completely different from the original. It provides new buffs, a new soul, and even new Rift effects. It’s really only the same dragon by name.

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 “It was a bit frustrating for players to play again and it was on the high end of the impact it was having in each game. We have a new thematic and design that removes those frustrating parts of play and adding some new mechanics creating some unique situations,” product lead Patrick Noonan said.

New buff adds tenacity, heal and shield power

Previously, slaying the drake provided a buff which increased damage against enemies with greater health than the player.

The new Season 13 Chemtech Dragon provides a buff that gives 5% increased tenacity and healing and shielding power. The buff stacks with each individual Chemtech Drake slain. This increases sustain and defense, rather than simply providing more damage against high-health enemies.

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Soul boosts low-health allies

As mentioned prior, Chemtech Dragon used to give a Sion-like zombie passive, where each player resurrects momentarily after death. This made games excessively difficult games to comeback from.

The new Chemtech Soul gives 10% bonus damage and damage reduction when below 50% health. It still leans into the identity Riot want without being oppressive.

“It’s going to be a lot easier to play around with and work around compared to the old zombie soul while being close to that thematic of growing stronger when you’re lower in health which resonates with Chemtech as a theme,” Noonan added.

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Sion in League of LegendsRiot Games
There’s no more zombie passive involved with the Chemtech Dragon.

Rift empowers jungle plants

Finally, the Chemtech Rift will change the way players interact with jungle plants in League of Legends Season 13.

It features Zaunite chemical spreading throughout the map, empowering the plants with new life and effects. Here are all the plants affected:

  • Blast Cone blasts players twice as far.
  • Honey Fruit no longer slows when consumed and provides an additional bonus shield.
  • Scryer’s Bloom grants movements peed in the direction revealed, alongside extra vision around the plant itself. It also reduces revealed wards to one health.

The new Chemtech Dragon will go live in League of Legends Season 13 in mid-November, along with a host of other changes to top lane and jungle, new items, and more.