Broken League exploit is letting Tahm Kench save allies across the map

Andrew Amos

Tahm Kench’s Devour has always proven to be one of League of Legends’ most troublesome abilities. However, a new exploit has made it more broken than ever before, giving it a global cast range and allowing him to save ⁠— or troll ⁠— allies everywhere.

Tahm Kench’s ability to eat his allies and save them has long been one of the strongest in League of Legends. It’s why he was a pro pick staple for such a long time.

However, it’s been hit with nerf after nerf. From cutting Tahm Kench’s movement speed while devouring, to increasing the cooldown, the ability is a shell of its former self. Now though, there’s one thing going for it ⁠— and that’s its infinite range.

Tahm Kench in League of Legends
Tahm Kench’s Devour is widely regarded as one of League’s strongest abilities.

A new exploit discovered on League Patch 10.20 has given the River King a global devour, thanks to bug squasher and YouTuber Vandiril. It’s not just a random bug that requires a specific set of circumstances ⁠— it’s actually one you can abuse with relative ease.

If Tahm Kench casts his W on an ally out of range, then casts his Q without inputting any other command ⁠— like moving or another ability ⁠— he can then cast his W from global range to pull his ally in.

Obviously, the implications of this are huge. It allows Tahm Kench to save allies from across the map if they are in danger. It can also act as an instant teleport, setting up ganks with the enemy being blissfully unaware.

However, the ability is also a double-edged sword. If you have the wrong Tahm Kench player on your team, he can use it to troll you by pulling you away from minion waves, resetting jungle camps, or more.

Either way, having global access to his Devour definitely makes him one of the strongest supports in the game right now.

Like with every exploit, if you abuse it, you run the risk of getting banned. Riot has dropped the ban hammer on bug exploiters in the past, suspending their accounts permanently.

Riot are probably also working on a fix ahead of League Patch 10.21 too. They could even look at disabling Tahm Kench if the bug becomes too widespread. We will let you know if the River King’s situation on Summoner’s Rift changes. For now though, just be mindful of the devour.