Riot dev reveals potential Ornn changes coming in League 2021 Preseason

Daniel Cleary
Ornn splash art league of legends

A Riot Games developer has revealed some potential changes that could be coming to Ornn during the League of Legends 2021 Preseason.

Ornn has been of the most popular champions in Season 10 and is often seen in the meta for pro games, even going 8-0 as a pick during the opening games of Worlds 2020’s Play-in stage.

Along with his tanky playstyle, the Forge Lord is known for his unique passive ability that can upgrade items for his fellow champions after he hits that Level 13 mark, which can often be the difference in close matchups.

It was revealed that an item overhaul would be released in the upcoming preseason and that Ornn’s passive would be affected but Riot has shared some potential changes that could help to balance the champion.

ornn splash art in league of legends
Ornn could be receiving changes to his passive in the 2021 preseason.

Following the release of the new items on the PBE servers, League of Legends player u/WillBeChasedAlot gathered a list of all the new upgrades and there were concerns that the rework might dramatically nerf the Freijiordian.

However, League of Legends dev Riot Phlox responded with some potential changes to the champion’s kit, revealing that they were going to “monitor Ornn” closely during the next few updates.

“We’re gonna monitor Ornn and consider adding power elsewhere if we see this is a big power down (it likely is),” Phlox explained, hinting at some potential buffs for the champion.


While it is still unclear just how much the new and reworked items will affect Orrn’s kit, Riot Phlox has suggested that he could receive even more stats for giving players upgrades in-game.

“Maybe something to do with gaining power as he upgrades other Mythics or something?” the League dev added, revealing that they would be open to any suggestions.

However, as the impact of the upcoming changes are still unclear, Phlox added that “nothing is locked” and they could even hold off on the Ornn buffs, depending on the game’s balance ahead of Season 11.

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