The best set 8.5 comps in patch 13.6: Top meta builds

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Teamfight Tactics was recently blessed with the mid-set update for Monsters Attack. With a bunch of new units, traits and hero augments put in play, here are the best builds so you can be ahead of the game.

The next update for Riot’s popular auto battler Teamfight Tactics has gone live! Teamfight Tactics has just received its mid-set in Patch 13.6, changing the meta slightly and changing up one of the carousels in the game.

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Due to the sheer amount of units leaving and joining with the update, there are plenty of strong comps to test out and try. However, not all compositions are made equal, so for those looking to climb, here are the best comps to be running in Patch 13.6 of Teamfight Tactics.


Supers Draven

Supers are back in full force in Set 8.5. This time, however, the removal of Yuumi Draven has taken her spot as the Supers king. This composition is for those who love rerolling, and those who love seeing a big Draven two-shot enemy units with his ultimate.

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The main idea of this comp is to feed Draven as many damage bonuses and attack damage as possible. This is done through Supers and Mecha: PRIME, which grants various increases when certain conditions are fulfilled. Supers require as many 3-star units as possible, whilst Mecha: PRIME requires sacrificing two units into a larger one.

All the units in this comp are super cheap, being one, two and three costs. As such, players will want to look to spend their gold at early levels to gain the highest chance of 3 starring your units.

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supers draven set 8.5 compLoLCHESS.GG
Supers Draven relies on three-starring your units.

You’ll want to grab AD items for Draven, with a particular focus on gaining Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Bloodthirster. The remaining tank items can be placed on Malphite for some bonus frontline sustain. Infinity Edge allows Draven’s ability to critically strike, Last Whisper grants bonus armor penetration to break through the frontline, and Bloodthirster gives further sustain and a shield.

This comp requires lots of 3-starred units to work effectively, meaning that if other players are also running this comp, it may be a good idea to swap to something else. There’s only a limited amount of units within the pool meaning that running this comp contested can be quite the risk.

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Aegis Sureshots

Another comp that didn’t see many changes was Aegis Sureshots. Sureshots received a small quality of life buff during the mid-set, and also saw the removal of Aphelios with Ezreal in his place. However, aside from this, the composition still runs about the exact same as before the mid-set update.

Aegis Sureshot relies on Aegis as a frontline for their units, allowing their Sureshots to slowly build up attack damage as the round goes on. The only major change that has swapped with this comp is the introduction of both Ezreal and Ultimate Ezreal for the trait Parallel.

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This comp mainly revolves around strong 5-cost units in the late game. Units such as Fiddlesticks, Janna, Urgot and Leona all provide great stats and bonuses to the team, making them fantastic in a late-game composition.

aegis sureshots set 8.5 tft compLoLCHESS.GG
Aegis Sureshots still remains a strong comp to play in Set 8.5.

Itemization mostly goes to Samira, with the possibility of them going to Ultimate Ezreal later in the game. Items such as Infinity Edge, Last Whisper and Giant Slayer are great, and you should look to build them slowly over time.

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This is quite an expensive composition, so you’ll need to have a good economy up until you hit level 8 and 9 to roll for these units.

LaserCorps Hacker Warwick

Zed was removed during the mid-set patch, alongside other key LaserCorps units such as Sejuani. However, a new build has surfaced involving Warwick as a replacement for both Zed and Sejuani. As a LaserCorps ADMIN Brawler, Warwick serves as the carry for this composition.

LaserCorps Hacker Warwick relies on having Warwick dive into the enemy backline, dealing huge damage and eliminating the enemy carries. The composition also uses the partially reworked LaserCorps to increase its overall damage output.

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The comp uses every LaserCorp unit, with LeBlanc and either Shen or Pyke to give your Warwick hacker. LeBlanc also grants Warwick the ADMIN bonus, which should be set to gaining bonus AD when possible.

lasercorp hacker warwick set 8.5 tft compLoLCHESS.GG
LaserCorps Warwick is a replacement for the older Zed comp.

Items like Bloodthirster, Titan’s Resolve and Edge of Night are great for Warwick, with Ionic Spark also being incredibly useful to increase the magic damage output of the LaserCorps trait.

Riftwalker Renegades

Riftwalker was a brand new trait introduced into Teamfight Tactics within the mid-set of Set 8. This unique trait allows the player to summon a mutant Zac to fight for them, which gains stats based on the star power of the units in the trait.

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Riftwalker Renegades relies on two 4 cost carries, Jhin and Viego. Alongside these, you’ll want to use other renegades such as Camille, Sylas and Leona in order to hit at least 5 Renegades. From there, including Vex and Pyke into your comp will activate Riftwalker, granting a Zac as your free frontline.

riftwalker renegades set 8.5 tft compLoLCHESS.GG
Riftwalker Renegades features a duo carry of Viego and Jhin.

Itemization can go to either Jhin or Viego in this comp, with Jhin taking mainly attack damage items and Viego going for mainly AP items. This comp can be pretty flexible in terms of its carry, so feel free to run whatever items you feel work for the situation.

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It’s important to note that Riftwalker requires all 3 units to activate, meaning you won’t have much frontline until you hit this point.

Ox Force Spellslingers

Ox Force has arguably been the best trait in all of Set 8. Giving any unit that currently holds the trait a full second of invulnerability has made for a fantastic front lining trait.

Ox Force Spellslingers uses newly introduced unit Twisted Fate as the carry, providing excellent ramping damage over time. In this composition, you’ll want to run every single Ox Force, as well as Spellslingers Sona, Janna and Twisted Fate.

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Twisted Fate is both a Spellslinger and a Duelist, and relies on gaining Attack Speed throughout his cast for even higher amounts of damage. Therefore gaining Duelist from Fiora with the bonus AP from Spellslinger allows him to really shine as a premier carry in this set.

spellslinger ox force tft comp set 8.5LoLCHESS.GG
Ox Force Spellslingers features the new Twisted Fate as a carry.

Twisted Fate really wants Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Statikk Shiv and a Jeweled Gauntlet to maximize his damage potential. The Guinsoos and Statikk synergize well together allowing for more damage and attack speed, whilst the Jeweled Gauntlet allows him to critically strike his ability allowing for one shots of enemy units.

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