The best set 8 comps in patch 13.1b: Top meta builds

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With the release of the new season of League of Legends, TFT players were also gifted with a brand new slew of balance changes to shake up the meta in TFT: Monsters Attack. Here are the best top meta builds so you can grab that sweet LP with the new changes in the 13.1b update.

After the monstrous patch of 13.1, we’ve finally gotten nerfs to several over-performing units and traits, and buffs to traits and units that have yet to see much play.

With all these changes coming in, these are the best comps to be running in patch 13.1b of TFT: Monsters Attack.

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It’s always worthwhile noting that the best way to play TFT is to stay flexible around items and augments, however, these comps are currently dominating the meta.

Best TFT Comps in Patch 13.1b

Sureshot Samira

sureshot samira civilian comp positioningTactics.Tools
Samira is the premier carry of the Sureshot Civilians.

Samira has been one of the premier 4 cost units of Monsters Attack, with her being run in multiple comps that are generally built around her as the carry.

Sureshot Samira has two variations, meaning players can be pretty flexible and move into either of the comps, as long as Samira’s your carry. The first variation of the comp revolves around running 3 Civilians with 4 Sureshot, with Mascots and Zac as the frontline. The second variation only involves running 2 Sureshots, and instead replaces Civilians and Zac for Aegis units like Ekko, Vi, and Leona.

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aegis samira positioning exampleTactics.Tools
Aegis Samira grants a bit more frontline in comparison to Civilians.

In both variations of the composition, you’ll want to try and hit level 8 as fast as possible, looking to grab Samira, Zac, or Ekko. Try and grab heavy AD items for Samira, as most of the time her ability will be the thing that actually kills units for you. Last Whisper, Giant Slayer, Runaans Hurricane, or Infinity Edge will all be your best friends here.

Laser Corp Zed

laser corp zed comp positioning exampleTactics.Tools
Hecarim lets Zed ride into the backline undetected.

After a small number of buffs to Zed and Laser Corp overall, Zed has become the flagship carry of Laser Corp comps.

Laser Corp Zed is a pretty straightforward comp and revolves around unleashing Zed at the enemy backline via the hacker trait. For this composition, you’ll want to move towards level 8 by having a good economy. This is all done whilst building up your Laser Corp board with units like Renekton, Yasuo, and Ashe/ Senna to maintain a decently strong board.

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Zed wants items such as Runaans Hurricane and Last Whisper with an Edge of Night being useful for dropping enemy aggro if he picks it up whilst in the backline. Apart from Zed items the next few should go towards Sejuani and buffing your frontline up. As Sejuani’s ability is fantastic for locking down the enemy team so Zed can go ham.

This comp is a pretty easy beginner comp that revolves around going a vertical trait. You can slam Zed items early on units like Draven or Ashe for some early board strength as well if you’re struggling to find Zed and losing health quickly.

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Ox Force Viego

ox force renegade viego positioning exampleTactics.Tools
Viego is a risky carry in Ox Force Renegades but can definitely pay off.

Despite the small nerfs to Renegade in patch 13.1b, Viego still seems to be doing quite well for himself as a carry.

Ox Force Viego is a pretty horizontal comp that splashes in a few traits such as Aegis, Sureshot, and Renegade. This comp can be a little bit harder to pilot than the earlier comps but provides a strong late-game board and can stomp opponents under the right circumstances. Due to its reliance on high-cost units such as Viego, Leona, Samira, and Aphelios, you’ll want to aim to save gold up so you can roll down at levels 8 and above to hit said units.

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The biggest issue with Viego being run as a carry is he’s pretty all or nothing. Viego’s ability is able to reset if it kills a unit, so having a strongly itemized Viego can have him one-hitting backlines with no problems. However, a weak or unitemized Viego is almost useless as his ability doesn’t deal enough meaningful damage by itself.

Item-wise for Viego you’ll want Ionic Spark and Hand of Justice, whilst the third item can be tossed up to more damage like Jeweled Gauntlet or survivability like Titan’s Resolve. The remaining items can be placed on Ekko, Alistar or Zac depending on the situation. If you’re only receiving AD items throwing them onto Samira or Aphelios is always a safe bet, but make sure that you have sufficient items for Viego first.

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Star Guardian Taliyah

star guardian taliyah positioning exampleTactics.Tools
Star Guardians are pretty undervalued with very little contention.

Star Guardian is a trait that’s gone relatively untouched since the launch of Monsters Attack. Consistently flying under the radar, it’s very possible that Star Guardians’ come back in full force with the nerfs to other traits and comps.

Star Guardian mainly relies on Taliyah as the primary carry unit, as other units like Kai’sa and Nilah don’t rely as heavily on the mana generation created by Star Guardian. This comp is great if you have AP items and need to slam, as there are plenty of great AP item holders like Sona, LeBlanc, or even Soraka.

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Item wise Taliyah generally wants a Spear of Shojin to help with mana generation, while a Jeweled Gauntlet may help her ability kill the backline in two abilities instead of three. Finally, Taliyah can either grab a Giant Slayer for frontline destruction or a Hextech Gunblade for healing for her team. Tank items should go to Ekko, with Ionic Spark being generally a pretty decent slam on any of the front liners in the comp.

Due to the heavily AP nature of this composition, it can really struggle against any compositions that run Aegis against it. Aegis is a rather popular trait at the moment in time, as the units and synergies within the trait make it an easy splash. Therefore, Star Guardian can be a great comp as it’s rarely contested but can be countered pretty easily so scouting enemy boards will help in planning for your late-game comp.

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