LoL devs revert massive 14.12 ADC changes hours after patch notes released

Liam Ho
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The developers of League of Legends have reverted the updates they were making in Patch 14.12, which had seen almost every ADC receive changes to their base stats.

League of Legends developers Riot Games may have just given away some huge balance changes that might be coming to the MOBA in the near future. In Patch 14.12, the devs revealed a massive stat pass for multiple ADCs.

This saw the class receive increased defensive scaling but reduced AD and attack speed growth. Almost every ADC was hit with these changes, including less conventional ones such as the recently reworked Corki.

However, just mere hours after the stat pass was introduced, the devs pulled them from the patch — indicating that they may need more time before implementing any of these major changes.

ADCs did just receive a huge amount of changes in Patch 14.10, changing how they itemize and making the class significantly stronger across the board. This meant way higher damage for most of them, with Riot needing to nerf a few overperformers.

Despite this, it seems that the devs now want to take the class in a different direction. By nerfing their AD and attack speed growth, they’re reducing the amount of damage this class of champion deals while also increasing their ability to survive bursts in a team fight.

This has historically been an issue for the class, where playing almost perfectly would not be enough — as a single crowd control could easily wipe out the fragile champions. This would mean players have to draw a fine line between dealing damage and staying safe in team fights, making ADCs one of the flashier roles.

But since Riot pulled the changes from the patch, it indicates that the devs aren’t quite ready to make this large of a change just yet. Nonetheless, it may signal that they’re interested in taking wider swings at the class in general.