Twitch streamer Sodapoppin explains why he’s given up on Kingdom Hearts 3 in record time

Alan Bernal

Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been released after a decade from the last sequential chapter in the franchise, but Twitch streamer Sodapoppin might not be on board for the lightheartedness of its story and characters.

Square Enix has released its highly anticipated sequel on January 29, and while longtime fans of the games are infinitely pleased to finally play it, newcomers might be taken aback by the story and its mushiness.

During his playthrough of the game, Sodapoppin reached a cutscene where (no spoilers) Sora took a moment to appreciate his friends, like he usually does, but this proved to be too much for the streamer to take.

Throughout numerous instances in his playthrough, Soda had encountered moments in the game that bewildered him be it through the dialogue or the convoluted story.

If anything, Sodapoppin’s VODs are filled with hilarious moments of the streamer at the end of his wits because of the RPG.

After multiple hours of his painstaking playthrough, he finally decided to call it quits on the game. He apologized to Kingdom Hearts fans because he was decidedly done with the new release, and announced it would be his last time playing it.

“I’m done. I am done. GG. I cannot,” Sodapoppin said. “Not a bad game. [It’s] got some interesting mechanics, ish. But I don’t know what the fuck’s going on with this story, and I’m not gonna beat this game.”

The moment is a perfect way to cap off the misery he’s been through so far, and who knows if done the line Soda will come back to finish the story.

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