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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to choose between Wisdom, Vitality, Balance & Guardian, Warrior, Mystic

Published: 28/Jan/2019 21:36 Updated: 29/Jan/2019 5:19

by Alan Bernal


Kingdom Hearts 3 fans players will be faced with hard decision over their choice of Desire or Power once booting up a new game, and here’s all you’d want to know about the game’s early questions.

Kingdom Hearts gives players tons of ways to make their way through hordes of Heartless and Nobodies that infest the games, so choosing the right Desire and Power at the start can give players the most enjoyable playthrough geared to their tastes.

The three Desire’s are Wisdom, Vitality, and Balance, while the Powers to choose from are Guardian, Warrior and Mystic.

Square EnixKingdom Hearts 3 gives players early decisions to make that will tailor the feel for the rest of the game.

Wisdom will give players a boost in magic with 90 HP and 120 MP. Vitality will give players some more base health with 120 HP and 100 MP. Balance will give a leveled stat line of 105 HP and 110 MP.

While the Desires influence the base stats that Sora will take on, the Powers will let players learn Abilities geared toward their choice more quicker than others.

Square EnixChoosing one Desire or Power over the other won’t be game-breaking, but it will make the game more fun to play depending on what the player likes.

The Power of the Guardian will let Sora learn defensive Abilities sooner. The Power of the Warrior will garner more offensive Abilities quicker. While the Power of the Mystic will add more magical Abilities to Sora’s arsenal faster.

The choices will open up the game to numerous different play styles, but knowing what each decision gives will let players make a more conscious effort in how they want to take on Xehanort and his army of monsters.

Kingdom Hearts

Viral Kingdom Hearts TikTok is the perfect parody of Sora

Published: 15/Mar/2020 0:45 Updated: 15/Mar/2020 0:57

by Bill Cooney


A new viral TikTok sweeping the internet is a near-perfect real-life portrayal of Kingdom Hearts’ main character, Sora.

The Kingdom Hearts series is arguably the most popular set of Disney video games to ever come out, and as a result, they’ve built up a legion of fans over the years.

Like any good fanbase, Kingdom Hearts enthusiasts aren’t afraid to poke a little fun at their favorite games, especially the unique animation styles some of the characters have.

Square Enix/Disney
Kingdom Hearts 3 is the latest game in the series.

Of course, Sora, as the game’s main protagonist, is the focus for most of fan’s jokes and memes about the game, and the latest viral Kingdom Hearts content is no different.

A new TikTok, set to the music of the game’s infamous ‘Tarzan’ jungle level, is making the rounds on Twitter – and it seems to be a perfect recreation of Sora’s animations.

Armed with his signature Keyblade and puffy red vest, the TikToker cosplaying as Sora struts into view, perfectly replicating the character’s bizarre gait.

In addition to walking (and running) around, the TikTok Sora also perfectly executes some attacks, with a little help from the magic of video editing, of course.

At the time of writing, the clip has more than 1 million views and over 100,000 likes on Twitter, and even more on TikTok, itself.

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The responses are filled with players praising how accurate the TikToker’s walk was – and, of course, how much they hated the Kingdom Hearts jungle level.

One user said that “the walk was perfect,” and based on the number of favorites their reply received, plenty of people agreed with them.

Other users complained that  the music brought back bad memories of Kingdom Hearts’ infamous Tarzan level.

The original creator of the TikTok video himself, Cloudie McDoom, even appeared in the comments and thanked users for their support, so it might be worth checking him out for similar content.

In other Kingdom Hearts news, several of the games in the series are now finally available on XBox One with the “Kingdom Hearts Collection,” so even if you’ve been team Xbox all these years, you finally have the chance to play the series for yourself.