Mizkif calls Kick a “dying platform” after brief encounter with Adin Ross

Shay Robson
Streamers Mizkif and Adin Ross sat at desk

Twitch streaming star Mizkif has called Kick a “dying platform” after meeting and being “ignored” by Adin Ross in a brief encounter.

In a stream on April 12, Mizkif lashed out at Kick, claiming the up-and-coming streaming platform is “dying” after having an awkward moment with Adin Ross.

The 29-year-old was gambling on blackjack with several other streamers during his broadcast when Kick’s most-followed creator Adin Ross entered the room.

“Yo Adin,” Mizkif greeted the Kick star, who didn’t exactly give the time of day back, quickly responding with: “What’s up bro?”

In the moment, xQc, who was also sitting at the blackjack table made light of the situation, mocking Mizkif and encouraging Adin Ross to “ignore him” more. However, later in the stream, Mizkif addressed what occurred, where he poked a bit of fun, claiming Kick is a “dying platform.”

“Listen we all know Kick is a dying platform. Rumble is better,” he said.

Since the platform’s launch in early 2023, we’ve seen numerous high-profile Twitch stars make the jump to the Stake Casino-backed platform — signing massive multi-year contracts.

Most notably, xQc reportedly signed a deal worth up to $100 million to broadcast Kick, while also still being able to stream on Twitch whenever he pleases.

Not only that, but other top stars such as NICKMERCS, Amouranth, and, of course, Adin Ross have all dedicated themselves to the platform.

Kick’s rivalry with Twitch is only getting bigger. Meanwhile, according to co-founder Bijan Tehrani, the streaming platform has already turned down a staggering $1 billion buyout offer despite only launching just over a year ago.

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