Parasyte: The Grey cameo teases a cinematic universe tied to manga

Gabriela Silva
Parasyte: The Grey Lee Jung-hyun as Choi Jun-kyung

Based on the popular manga, anime, and live-action, Parasyte: The Grey is the first K-drama version of the storyline with its finale teasing a much larger and possible cinematic universe thanks to a cameo.

Hitoshi Iwaaki’s story focuses on 17-year-old Shinichi Izumi who becomes infected by a parasite. But unlike others, the parasite is unable to take control fully and instead coexists with Shinichi. They soon take on a new world of parasites wanting to take over humans.

The Netflix K-drama follows a similar idea with grocery store employee Jeong Su-in also infected by a parasite. She’s soon thrust into the reality that these parasites have fallen to Earth hellbent on taking over and feasting on humans. But unlike others, her parasite coexists with her and protects her.

Parasyte: The Grey will surprise fans with its take on Iwaaki’s creation, while still keeping to major themes. But the biggest surprise comes from its finale cameo that opens the door to a bigger universe. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Parasyte: The Grey has a special cameo

In the finale, Choi Jun-kyung is informed that someone has come to see her and is an expert in parasites. He introduces himself as Shinichi, the very same character from the live-action movies, anime, and manga.

Suda Masaki in Parasyte The Grey as Shinichi

The K-drama ends with Jun-kyung, Su-in, and Kang-woo stopping the head parasite from continuing his plan to take over a politician to gain more power. In the epilogue, Su-in is back to living her life. Her parasite, Heidi, had decided to give her full control. Jun-kyung is still in charge of the Grey Team, monitoring parasite activity, and has recruited Kang-woo.

In the final scene, Jun-kyung is informed by her secretary that a journalist has come to see her. He also claims he’s an expert in the field of parasites. He also claims to have important intelligence to share. In a surprise twist, the secretary addressed the man in Japanese.

Fans of the Parsyte would immediately recognize him. He introduces himself as Shinichi and extends his right hand for Jun-kyung to shake. Parasyte: The Grey has officially teased a cinematic universe tied to the original manga, anime, and live-action.

The introduction of Shinichi reveals that the K-drama parasite takeover has been happening within the same context as the original manga. Shinichi’s storyline has likely already taken place as he is much older when introduced in the K-drama compared to the original 17-year-old version.

In Episode 1 of the K-drama, Jun-kyung shows the police a map of known infected areas, with Japan being one of them. The cameo appearance is likely a fun nod to Iwaaki’s original character, especially with Shinichi extending his right hand. The very hand that fans know transforms into his parasite counterpart.

When it comes to the cameo, the role is played by Japanese actor Suda Masaki. He’s known for his roles in Kamen Rider W, Drowning Love, and The Boy and the Heron.

Whether this cameo will lead to a Season 2 of the K-drama is unclear, but for now, you can keep tabs on other TV shows to watch this month.