Honkai Star Rail officially reveals Blade’s splash art

Cassidy Stephenson
Honkai Star Rail reveals Blade

Honkai Star Rail has revealed the 5-star Blade’s splash art and more information about the mysterious character.

Since its launch in late April 2023, Honkai Star Rail has a character roster of around 20 options. Currently, the banner for Jing Yuan – a 5-star Lightning character – is live until June 7, 2023. Upon launch, the popularity of Jing Yuan even broke the Chinese server’s payment system.

At the time of writing, Honkai Star Rail has introduced two 5-star banners: Jing Yuan and Seele.

It’s unclear what 5-star will replace Jing Yuan’s banner – but the gacha title has unveiled another character. Keep reading to find out more about Blade.

Honkai Star Rail announces Blade’s backstory and splash art

An image of Blade in Honkai Star Rail.
Blade is a strong 5-star warrior who excels in attacking alone on the battlefield.

On Twitter, Honkai Star Rail posted Blade’s splash art and a short segment about the 5-star. According to the post, he is a swordsman who abandoned his body to become a Blade.” The character “possesses a terrifying self-healing ability” alongside powerful offensive attacks.

Blade is rumored to debut in Honkai Star Rail’s Version 1.2 update sometime in mid-July 2023. However, the game has not confirmed the character schedule for the following few updates.

Those willing to break their bank accounts to wish for Blade reacted to the announcement in the post’s reply section. Streamer Unreal Dreamer claimed Blade was one of his favorites to play in the Honkai Star Rail beta.

Content creator AesmaTV wished Blade would “magically appear” in her inventory to avoid the painful wishing process.

Before Blade comes out, Honkai Star Rail players can tune in to the Version 1.1 Special Program Stream – the first post-launch update. Check out our article to learn how to watch the live stream for Stellar Jade codes and information on upcoming characters.