Honkai Star Rail players slam “unreasonably difficult” Forgotten Hall

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Yukong from Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail released a brand new Forgotten Hall called The Voyage of Navis Astriger alongside the release of version 1.2. However, players feel that this brand-new Forgotten Hall is way too difficult compared to the previous ones.

Honkai Star Rail’s brand-new Forgotten Hall is featured around Xianzhou Luofu. Clearing the first stage also rewards players with a free copy of Yukong in the game. Apart from that, the rewards from this stage are also quite lucrative.

As it happens, players are diving into it to obtain everything it has to offer. Unfortunately, they’re not very happy as it feels “unreasonably difficult”. The enemies have too much health and even with Luocha, it feels difficult to complete.

Honkai Star Rail’s Forgotten Hall has been a challenge for players

The brand-new Forgotten Hall surrounding Xianzhou Loufu has proven to be a challenge for quite a few players. A Reddit user named “omarali04” raised the topic regarding its difficulty. They said it’s unreasonably difficult and that the enemies have way too much health.

This post received a lot of engagement and positive reactions, which means other players also agree with the Reddit user. One commented, “I couldn’t even finish it in 20 cycles let alone 8 or 14 lol” while discussing the difficulty level.

Another player claimed “Someone checked the HP values and the final boss has over triple its normal HP” to prove how difficult this Forgotten Hall is. One player also ended up claiming that “FH6 is harder than MOC10” in order to put into perspective the comparative difficulty between the two.

A user also mentioned that “Yeah this floor is IMO HOYO checking if you have the supports/ heals to deal with this pain” as they tried to be logical in their approach. Lastly, a player claimed that “don’t worry it’s genuinely difficult” as they tried to boost the morale of the other players.

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