Honkai Star Rail players complain about ‘underwhelming’ Memory of Chaos

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Honkai Star Rail users criticize the Memory of Chaos’ ‘underwhelming’ content compared to the Simulated Universe.

Honkai Star Rail has multiple opportunities for players to test their skills in battle. For example, the Simulated Universe features different worlds with Domain options like Transaction and Combat.

Additionally, Honkai Star Rail has a Forgotten Hall mode that works similarly to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss. After Forgotten Hall, higher-level users can face bosses throughout the Memory of Chaos. The Memory of Chaos stages reset every two or three weeks.

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Many Honkai Star Rail players seem to prefer the Simulated Universe, with the Memory of Chaos being compared to Genshin Impact’s Abyss as a DPS stat check rather than a real challenge.

Honkai Star Rail players unimpressed by Memory of Chaos

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On the Honkai Star Rail subreddit, Reddit user Gooey_Goon explained why they weren’t having fun with the Memory of Chaos. “To me Memory isn’t the fun kind of challenge, it mainly is just expensive stat checks as each level of difficult just means numbers go up,” the OP revealed.

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In the post’s comment section, fellow Honkai Star Rail players discussed Memory of Chaos’ faults. They also praised the Simulated Universe game mode over the former.

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“I was blown away by the Simulated Universe,” Starman-21 wrote. “The diversity and utility of each path was quite alluring for me. Cannot say the same about MoC, but it’s expected.”

“It’s like Genshin’s abyss; many players don’t find a raw DPS check to be enjoyable content, but they have to include it for the whales to flex or there’s not much incentive to whale,” anarchy753 remarked.

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On the other hand, other users suggested the Memory of Chaos wasn’t made to be “fun.” “MoC is built to be tough, the hardest content made cause its the way you get free Jades,” BuraiStarforce claimed. “It’s built to be a challenge gauntlet so that people can test their teams against the hardest content and be rewarded for it.”

If you’re having trouble with Memory of Chaos, check out our Honkai Star Rail page for the best build guides.

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