Honkai Star Rail players begging for the “coolest character” to be playable

Carver Fisher
Honkai Star Rail players want Svarog

Honkai Star Rail players already have some characters from the main story that they’re hungry to be able to play as, with one of the most requested characters also being seen as the “coolest”.

Honkai Star Rail, like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd before it, is a very character-driven game. Sure, new environments and stories within their universes keep players coming back, but rotating banners and the characters within them keep players glued to games of the gacha genre.

As such, Honkai Star Rail players already have their own wishlists for playable characters that already exist in the universe. And, among all the characters people are wanting for, one stands above them all.

While he’s already sort of playable via Clara, players want to get their hands on Svarog and see what he would look like without being sworn to protect her.

Honkai Star Rail players want Svarog for themselves

For those who haven’t played Clara, asking for Svarog as a playable character may seem a bit strange. Looking at her gameplay, he seems to already be playable to some capacity.

However, the way she plays is unlike any other character in the game. As outlined in our guide on how to play her, Clara is entirely built around counters. She’s supposed to be the tank for the team, soaking all the damage while dealing it back to the enemy via Svarog. This mechanic in and of itself has already spawned memes of its own.

However, that hasn’t stopped players from wanting to see what Svarog is like when he’s fully unleashed. The drip droid himself clearly has a lot of power under his belt, and players are hungry to see what he’d be capable of if he was put up on his own banner.

That, and they’re calling Svarog the “coolest character in the game” by a longshot.

When it came to whether or not players would want him as his own independent character, the community was a bit divided. But those who want him are more than willing to dish out some serious cash to roll for him.

“Yeah, give me 5 star solo Svarog! I would whale for him instantly.” said one reddit user. Other users in the thread spoke about how badly they wanted to roll Clara just to get a chance at using Svarog.

Though it’d be difficult to find a way for him to be a solo unit with him being so attached to Clara’s character, Honkai Star Rail players clearly want a shot at having Svarog for themselves.