Hogwarts Legacy streamer devastated after accidentally deleting her character

Twitch streamer deletes Hogwarts legacy characterTwitch: DivineCarly / AVALANCHE SOFTWARE

Twitch streamer ‘DivineCarly’ was absolutely devastated during a recent broadcast after she accidentally deleted her Hogwarts Legacy character in the midst of menu confusion.

Hogwarts Legacy has largely set the internet on fire since its release last week. With critical acclaim and record-breaking viewership, it’s soaring up the charts as thousands jump into the virtual recreation of the wizarding world.

For many, it’s the dream Harry Potter game they’ve been waiting for. But for others, the experience hasn’t been completely positive. Unfortunately for DivineCarly, she now falls into the latter camp. Despite enjoying her time with the game a great deal, things came to a screeching halt on February 12.

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While loading back in to progress the story at the start of a new Twitch stream, disaster struck. Rather than accessing the game’s settings, as she intended, she instead hit the button to delete her save file, losing her custom wizard and a considerable chunk of game time in the process.

Gasping upon realizing what she’d just done, DivineCarly leaped from her setup and screamed in the distance. “What?” she shrieked, struggling to come to terms with the fact her character was gone.

Before she could even muster a full sentence, Twitch chat came through with an appropriate text-to-speech donation reading: “Bye by Harriet Pottah,” bidding farewell to the name of her custom wizard.

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“What the f*** do I do? I played for no f***ing reason now,” she yelled in anger. “We have to make Harriet Pottah again. I don’t want to do it all again, but I have to, because it’s a good game. What did I just do? I was trying to press for settings.”

Revisiting the main menu shortly after, the streamer showed how two different functions shared the same input. Pressing the ‘Y’ button on her controller in one menu, opened the settings list. But pressing the ‘Y’ button in another menu, deleted her character after just one quick warning.

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“I pressed Y, why would it delete the game? I looked down and it said settings, that’s why I pressed Y.”

Ultimately, it wasn’t enough to truly break her spirit. Before long, Harriet Pottah was back for round two and DivineCarly continued streaming for the rest of the day, making up on a good amount of lost progress.