Hogwarts Legacy hits major Steam milestone overtaking Fallout 4

WB Games / Steam

Hogwarts Legacy might still be in early access, but it has leapfrogged Fallout 4 to rack up a major milestone on Steam.

The Harry Potter spinoff game overtook Fallout 4’s record on February 7 – the day early access started up – becoming the most-watched single-player game in Twitch history.

Hogwarts Legacy racked up over 1.3 million viewers on the Amazon-owned platform, with top streamers such as xQc, LIRIK, and NICKMERCS diving into the wizarding world.

Just a day later, it eclipsed Fallout 4 on Steam, becoming the second-highest single-player game for peak concurrent players in history.

Hogwarts Legacy set to break Steam record

As reported by Benji-Sales on Twitter, it peaked at over 474,000 concurrents, which tops the tally of 472,962 set by Fallout 4 when it was released in 2015.

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That puts Hogwarts Legacy in second place, but there’s some way to go if it’s to take Steam’s crown.

Cyberpunk 2077 recorded an astonishing 830,387 concurrents in 2020, so Hogwarts will need to almost double its tally to set the record.

Benji-Sales added: “The game isn’t even officially out yet, by the way, unless you bought the more expensive version. A lot of more casual gamers (particularly on console) probably don’t even know you can play it yet.”

The game was still in early access as it climbed up to second place, though, with its full release coming on February 10. Deluxe Edition owners paid $79.99 to open the doors three days early and sales numbers are yet to be announced for standard copies.

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Whether or not it can close the gap on its global launch day remains to be seen.