Hogwarts Legacy players call on devs to add New Game Plus feature

Hogwarts Legacy New Game PlusAvalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy has been a massive success already, however, fans are pushing strongly to have a New Game Plus feature added to the gamer, sooner rather than later.

Hogwarts Legacy has been one of the biggest game releases of 2023, with the new title breaking Twitch viewership records as well as being a massive sellout across the world, fans have been diving head first into the new Wizarding adventure.

And while the dev team has shut down the idea of future DLC plans for Hogwarts Legacy at the time of writing this, one feature that players are hoping will be added in soon is New Game Plus.

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In most narrative and single-player-focused games, New Game Plus allows gamers to restart from the beginning. However, the mode allows players to keep all their stats, equipment, and other in-game items.

NG+ then adds a whole new challenge by scaling up enemies so that gameplay is harder while also allowing players to go back to earlier stages of the game and relieve their favorite moments without having to completely start from scratch.

Hogwarts Legacy players want New Game Plus to be added soon

All over Reddit, the Hogwarts Legacy community has been discussing how and when NG+ should be added in by the dev team. One Reddit user wrote in a new thread how, “I have already 100% everything and want to play again with all my end game stuff I worked hard to get, considering that there isn’t any end game material or towers with waves. It feels like the late-game equipment is irrelevant.”

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And while most players agree that NG+ is a must for Hogwarts Legacy, there are debates as to what players should have access to when restarting the game. “Agree with the need for a NG+, but personally it’s more that I’d like to keep my inventory slots,” wrote one Reddit user, while another expressed how it would be better to only have cosmetics available for New Game Plus.

“Keep the quests/discoverables/challenges for all of these unfulfilled so they continue to grant experience as we continue to do them on new characters, but just let us start new games with the rewards already in our pockets – it’s all utility and cosmetic.”

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Others simply want one thing to be included in New Game Plus, the ability to use the unforgivable curses from the beginning. “I want NG+ with the unforgivable curses. You want a duel Seb? Let’s go.”

Time will tell when and if Hogwarts Legacy does get NG+. However, we’ll keep you updated on all the latest news and updates about the game and the potential add-on.

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