Hogwarts Legacy player uses Disillusionment spell to discover disturbing secret

Hogwarts Legacy armor fightPortkey Games, Warner Brothers

A Hogwarts Legacy player has been sneaking through the castle undetected thanks to the Disillusionment spell and has discovered that not all the armored knights get along.

There are plenty of easter eggs and secrets in the vast open world of Hogwarts Legacy, and some of the best are tucked into the castle grounds. Players can find chests hidden behind puzzle doors, visit iconic locations from books and films, and even explore the four common rooms.

Players need to use their Hogwarts Legacy spell list to find many of these little treasures. This means casting certain spells on statues, using magic to sneak through forbidden areas, or even teaming up with NPCs to puzzle out certain storylines.

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However, one player sneaking around under the Disillusionment charm made a particularly startling discovery involving some of the Hogwarts castle decorations.

Hogwarts Legacy player finds a pair of aggressive suits of armor

In a Twitter post by Madhatter_Kim, the player can be seen using the Disillusionment spell, which makes the character invisible. While sneaking through the corridor, they witnessed a shocking moment between two suits of armor.

The Hogwarts Legacy video shows one suit of armor suddenly picking up its lance and mercilessly attacking its companion. It tears the entire suit of armor apart, kicking and stomping on the pieces before returning to its original position against the wall. The poster comments: “Everyone knows the armored knights move but have you tried using the Disillusionment spell when approaching them?”

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Players in the comments are shocked and intrigued by the violent actions, with one stating, “Ok now I have to try this today!!” and another adding, “WHY DID HE STOMP HIM LIKE THAT I’M F*** CRYing”.

It has also been shown by xGarbett on YouTube that the Hogwarts Legacy player doesn’t have to be concealed to witness the gruesome easter egg. All the player has to do is walk past the right set of murderous armor knights to trigger the animation. It is certainly an interesting detail within the game.