Hogwarts Legacy fans discover cheeky Easter eggs for Elden Ring and Dark Souls

dark souls easter eggs in hogwarts legacyWB Games/FromSoftware

Hogwarts Legacy players have found some references to both Elden Ring and Dark Souls hidden in the game’s open world.

Harry Potter fans throughout the world have been loving Hogwarts Legacy since before it was even released, becoming the most-watched game ever on Twitch and dominating the Steam charts.

Amid the glowing reviews from critics and fans alike, even hardcore gamers who have experienced both Elden Ring and Dark Souls have found something to like about the Wizard game.

Interestingly, the developers included a couple of fun references to the FromSoftware titles in Hogwarts Legacy and players were delighted when they found them.

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Elden Ring and Dark Souls Easter eggs found at Hogwarts

As shown by YouTuber, xGarbett, near the very top of the Hogwarts map past the Forbidden Forest, players can come across a cemetery with a very familiar-looking bonfire with a sword.

For those not familiar, in Dark Souls, these bonfires are markers that essentially act as save points. And Hogwarts Legacy isn’t the first game to reference these either, with Overwatch even adding them to the Eichenwalde map.

elden ring hogwarts easter eggReddit/inevidabletardamf22
Did you spot this Elden Ring reference?

That’s not the only Easter egg in the area either. Redditor ‘inevidabletardamf22’ pointed out that in the cliff, there are giant horizontal tombstones – something that it found in Elden Ring.

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Considering Hogwarts Legacy is still rather new, there’s no telling what other magical surprises players can find by roaming around the massive map.