Overwatch 2 players discover Bloodborne Easter Egg in new Halloween Terror map

bloodborne overwatch 2 headerBlizzard / FromSoftware

Overwatch 2 players have noticed that Blizzard updated a fan Easter Egg in the game’s Halloween Terror map from Dark Souls to Bloodborne.

Now that 2022’s Halloween season is in full swing, plenty of live service games have been updated to get into the spooky spirit.

As a result, Blizzard updated Overwatch 2 with Halloween content, including the return of the Halloween Terror event, Junkenstein’s Revenge, and brand-new skins.

Now, fans have found an updated Easter egg in the Halloween Eichenwalde map. The map, which previously featured a Dark Souls reference, now hides a reference to Bloodborne.

Overwatch 2 Eichenwalde map features Bloodborne reference

For those who may not know, Overwatch 1’s Halloween Terror event updated the Hollywood, Blizzard World and Eichenwalde maps to feature a spookier atmosphere for the duration of the event.

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Eagle-eyed fans spotted a glowing sword stuck into the ground on Eichenwalde, which was a reference to Dark Souls’ bonfires — markers that essentially act as save points.

Now, Blizzard has updated Eichenwalde’s Easter egg to instead reference another one of FromSoftware’s titles. In Overwatch 2, Eichenwalde’s bonfire was replaced with a lamp from Bloodborne much to fans’ delight.

“I just think this is cool,” said one fan in reply to Overwatch Cavalry’s tweet about the change.

Additionally, Blizzard even added a themed challenge relating to the Lamp. If players kneel at the lantern for six seconds while the Ghost is active in Wrath of the Bride, they complete the “Lantern Lit” challenge.

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Unfortunately for Bloodborne fans, the Easter egg also reignited the community’s desire for an official Bloodborne remake, or even just a PC port.

While the prospect of a Bloodborne remake looks rather low according to prominent games industry figures, it appears the Overwatch 2 dev team is doing its part to keep the dream alive with this Easter egg in some small way.