Hogwarts Legacy developer confirms no current plans for DLC

Avalanche Studios

The developer of Hogwarts Legacy has stated that there are no current plans for DLC amid speculation from fans. Instead, the team is working on patches for bugs and performance.

Hogwarts Legacy has taken over headlines since its release in February. Hundreds of thousands of players have purchased the game to experience the wizarding world, eager for their own unique journies.

The game provides a large variety of content for fans to play through, but witches and Wizards exploring Hogwarts are already looking to the future of the game, questioning the possibility of DLC.

Unfortunately, the developers of the game have said there are no plans for DLC at the moment.

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Hogwarts Legacy developers aren’t working on DLC

Avalanche Studios, the developer of Hogwarts Legacy, spoke at IGN Fan Fest about what they’ve been doing. 

Game director Alan Tew said: “We’ve been really heads down bringing [Hogwarts Legacy] to life,” and added, “at the moment there are no current plans for DLC.”

Fans on Twitter have discussed the news, with one commenting: “Enter: PC mods”. This isn’t a stretch, as many players have already discussed building mods that could add more content or stability to the game.

Some are already interested in the possibility of a second game. One user said, “I’m thinking you’re probably right! The game references Quidditch like it’s actually showcased lol! The sequel will hopefully be a capitalization and not something like so many other # 2s.”

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Currently, there isn’t any information about a game focused on Quidditch, but the sport is referenced frequently, and players are expected to master their flying skills over a variety of missions while exploring the world.

Despite confirmation that DLC is currently not being focused on, the demand is definitely being vocalized by players. Thankfully, there is still plenty to explore in Hogwarts Legacy while players wait for news on what may come next.