Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer could arrive soon through eight-player mod

Hogwarts Legacy multiplayerPortkey Games, Warner Brothers

A brand new Hogwarts Legacy mod is in the works, one that could add in a multiplayer experience to the game and allow for up to eight players to all drop into the same world and face off against enemies in epic dueling battles.

Hogwarts Legacy has been one, if not the biggest video game release so far in 2023. The brand-new single-player experience allows gamers to live out their Hogwarts student fantasies and imagine what it would be like to exist in a world with magic.

And while gamers have been diving head first into the game, many are now hoping that a multiplayer experience will be added in so that players can join forces with their friends and explore the likes of Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest together.

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And thanks to a well-known modding team, multiplayer for Hogwarts Legacy could become a reality at some point in the future. As first reported by PC Gamer, modding group Together Team has confirmed they are currently working on adding in multiplayer for Hogwarts Legacy.

The group of modders aims to allow up to eight players to join one session and explore the vast world of the game together. The video of this early stage of the mod can be viewed below.

Previously, Together Team has brought multiplayer to other beloved single-player games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4. Their Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod, Hogwarp, already has a test build.

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Hogwarts Legacy devs Avalanche Software are yet to comment on whether or not multiplayer will be an official feature down the line. However, players are still able to team up with secondary characters for duels as well as many main story and relationship quests throughout the game.

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