Helldivers 2 players aren’t happy with patch’s buff to fire

Shane Black
A screenshot from the game Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 buffed up the damage that fire does to players, and while the results are entertaining, the community feels it needs to be reeled back some.

After the latest Helldivers 2 update saw a decent buff to fire damage, players have noticed that flames may be too powerful, even with the fun stories that come from it.

Among a myriad of changes, Update 01.000.200 also upped the tick rate for fire, meaning that players are catching fire – and dying from it – at a far faster rate than before.

However, the Helldivers 2 playerbase thinks this new level of damage is too much, prompting far too many deaths with little time to react.

The complaints can be found on the game’s subreddit, where one player asks: “Why does a Hulk Flamethrower just one-shot when it hits a head?”

They also share a game clip of that exact situation happening, where a flamethrower just scratches their character’s head, causing them to die instantly.

Malevelon Creek Cape Helldivers 2

Other players are in agreement that this boost to fire damage has gone too far, as one user says, “Yeah, fire shouldn’t do any more damage, no matter which part of us it hit. We have a helmet and armor after all, built to protect us from elements like intense heat of desert planets or extreme freezing cold of moons.”

The damage has gotten to a point where the Hulks using flamethrowers have become “the most dangerous weapon” in the game, leaving infamous enemies like Bile Titans not as much of a threat anymore.

It doesn’t help that the flamethrower range is also incredibly far, with many Helldivers 2 players calling it “totally OP.”

For now, however, there are no signs that the Helldivers 2 devs will make another change, but it’s clear that the players would like one.

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