Helldivers 2’s jump pack would benefit from the return of this classic explosive

Brianna Reeves
helldivers 2 jump pack

While an interesting tool in and of itself, Helldivers 2’s jump pack may need something extra to make it more viable in combat and one explosive would do the trick.

Helldivers 2 players can unlock the jump pack at Level 8 for 6,000 Requisition Points. Its spot on the Stratagem menu’s list of unlockable loadouts instantly draws eyeballs, especially for those who think it’ll provide more mobility.

However, the jump pack’s many limitations can prove disappointing. Instead of offering the freedom of a jet pack, the device lets Divers ascend into the air in a relatively short burst. Its long cooldown timer further limits its viability on the battlefield.

As such, the jump pack is mostly good for gaining higher ground, dodging out of danger, or hopping atop larger enemies for a small advantage. Arguably, the addition of C4 explosives could considerably enhance jump pack gameplay for the latter use.

Reddit user WrongGuava3674 made the case for C4 in a Reddit post, telling fellow Helldivers players to imagine jumping on a Bile Titan, setting a couple of C4 charges, and then demolishing the enemy with a remote detonator.

The idea doesn’t sound too far out of the realm of possibility. The original Helldivers featured a REC-6 Demolisher which came with remotely detonated Satchel Charges. The explosive device devastated the likes of Tanks and larger bug foes with ease, so it’s a wonder why Helldivers 2 doesn’t include similar weaponry.

C4-like explosives for Helldivers 2 would increase the benefit of calling in a jump pack, effectively providing players with loose role-play opportunities on missions requiring heavy firepower. Of course, they’d prove worthwhile for Divers on the ground, too, particularly with objectives involving the destruction of Facility Buildings.

Unfortunately, this hopeful scenario does present one problem. Would C4 charges fit in Helldivers 2’s designated grenade slot? Reason suggests it would since the REC-6 Demolisher slotted into the same position in the first game.

Either way, such an addition should add another tactical flair to the Helldivers 2 experience, though the jury’s out on whether developer Arrowhead plans on revisiting this particular type of explosive. It would’ve felt right at home with the recently released Democratic Detonation Warbond.

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