Helldivers 2’s latest patch has shot the Airburst to the top of the meta

Shane Black
Helldivers 2 character holding rocket launcher

The Airburst Rocket Launcher is quickly ascending in popularity in Helldivers 2 thanks to its ability to one-shot Terminid nests.

Helldivers 2 players recently were asked to choose between liberating two planets, with each one giving a different reward as part of a Major Order.

When the dust settled, the fans had made their choice and chose to liberate the planet, Penta. As a reward for this, they were given the Airburst Rocket Launcher.

While it was a solid weapon at first, the recent update to Helldivers 2 now has it becoming one of the best in the game thanks to its ability to close Terminid nests in one shot. This is thanks to how each rocket will cause a series of explosions, rather than one large one. This allows multiple nests to be closed with one shot.

However, the Airburst would easily detonate if its rocket got close to other Stratagems or even other Helldivers. The recent patch saw this change so now the rocket can travel long distances to deliver a punch with ease.

With this new tweak, the Airburst can now fire a shot from a good distance away from a nest, and the series of explosions will close all surrounding nests. Meaning that players don’t have to get into the thick of the chaos to take care of them.

One user on the game’s subreddit expresses their feelings about the Airburst now, saying: “I retract all my hate for the previous version. It is now, officially, goated.”

Of course, weapon popularity is subject to change in Helldivers 2. As more patches come out, another weapon will surely rise in the ranks.

For now, the Airburst Rocket Launcher is dominating the Terminid planets.

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