Hearthstone players blast new Signature cards for looking too “stale”

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Hearthstone players have hit out at the new Signature cards coming in the March of the Lich King expansion, pointing to how “stale” they look before the official release.

March of the Lich King is shaping up to be one of the biggest expansions in the digital trading card game’s history.

The expansion is bringing a whole new class in Death Knight, over 200 new cards to standard mode, a new keyword, and much more.

While many of the new additions are building up massive hype, there is one new cosmetic that players are confused by.

Hearthstone players are underwhelmed by new Signature cards

User TiraelRosenburg posted to the Hearthstone Reddit a post showing off the new Signature cards, questioning their visual fidelity.

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If you haven’t seen them before, Signature cards are a new type of collectible card that have full-art images directly on the card.

For each expansion, every Signature card art will be updated to match said expansion theme, and there are 18 total coming in the new expansion. For March of the Lich King, Blizzard chose a sepia, icy style, which fans are disliking right off the bat.

Tireal said, “Signature cards just look bad on board, no color or animation, they just look like Dormant minions. The unique frame is nice though.”

While they admitted the special frame of the cards is cool, their lack of color or life on the board makes them not as appealing as they could be.

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Another Hearthstone player added, “They look absolutely stale. I don’t know why they thought it would be good to strip the artwork of their color. Really hope they’ll change that. Some of the alternative artworks are pretty good actually but they all look the same in grey.”

Sadly for Hearthstone players who attempt to collect every new cosmetic, the chosen art style for March of the Lich King Signature cards missed the mark.