Helldivers 2-inspired Halo Infinite experience incoming via Forge mode

Brianna Reeves
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A Helldivers 2-like mode is currently in the works from a team known for building interesting Halo Infinite Forge experiences.

The Halo and Helldivers comparisons won’t come to an end anytime soon. That former Halo developers reportedly once pitched an ODST game in the style of Arrowhead’s latest has only elevated the discussion in this respect.

Helldivers 2 recently hit the ground running on PC and PS5, breaking Steam records and rejuvenating the thrill of multiplayer games for many players.

Since the third-person shooter isn’t available on Xbox platforms, Halo faithful who don’t own a gaming PC or PlayStation may be feeling left out. Fortunately, a group known for working wonders in Halo Infinite’s level editor aims to produce a remedy.

Forge Falcons announces Helldivers 2-like mode for Halo Infinite

The Forge Falcons, the fan group known for adding Battle Royale to Infinite’s Forge mode, plans on “bringing the Helldivers 2 Experience to Halo Infinite using Forge.”

Without offering much in the way of concrete details, the group shared the news on its official Twitter page. Specifics about features and so on will go live once the “art is ready,” Forge Falcons told followers.

Fans of both games were quick to argue that the fun of Helldivers 2 isn’t just about PvE gameplay. “…It’s the progression and overall map fighting together with everyone for democracy,” someone in the comments explained.

A response from the group noted that while they can’t replicate the progression system, they’re confident Helldivers’ in-game action involving objectives, side objectives, and outposts is replicable.

“Helldivers has a lot more to it than just progression, players will be fighting together, just not on the same scale as Helldivers 2,” the response continued.

When exactly the Helldivers 2 experience will hit Halo Infinite’s Forge mode presently remains a mystery.

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