Halo Infinite Forge leaks reveal weapon combo system, insane object scaling, more

Eleni Thomas
Halo Infinite Forge Leaks Feature image
343 Industries

Major delays to Halo Infinite’s post launch road map have meant the crowd pleasing game mode Forge is still yet to be added to the game. However recent leaks suggest while it may be late, its addition will bring with it some fresh and exciting gameplay.

Halo Infinite has been plagued by delays — the Forge game mode especially. Combine this with a failure to release content at a consistent pace, the fan base has become restless and disappointed.

However, at launch, fans praised the game’s multiplayer and campaign and were excited about the future of Infinite and the Halo Franchise.

Now, a series of tweets made by Rebs Gaming showed off some impressive footage of Halo Infinite’s up and coming Forge mode. From the leaked footage revealed, there are some key takeaways that are likely to get Halo fans at least mildly excited about the looming release of Forge.

Auto Turrets being added to custom games

Halo Infinite Turret Leaks Still
Twitter: leaks_infinite
Leaks suggest multiple types of turrets will be coming to Forge in Halo Infinite

One of the leaked clips show’s off some early designs for auto turrets. These turrets would be able to be added in for customs games and could be a great addition to games.

Not only would they add additional gameplay opportunities but they would also create many opportunities for chaos and destruction.


There also appears to be different types of turrets. Standard issue UNSC turrets are show as well as modified ones that are described as Banished turrets.

The Halo 5 gun combo glitch coming back as a real feature

Halo Infinite Forge leak still
Gun combo’s were an accidental gem of Halo 5 and their inclusion in Infinite is a welcome surprise

As well as this, it appears that 343 will be bringing back the weapon-combining glitch from Halo 5, but this time will be turning it into a proper feature.

In Halo 5, players discovered a glitch in which certain guns were able to be modified and take on the properties of another.

When 343 were made aware of this they chose to leave it in the game, stating they found it “way too cool” to remove.

It appears that Halo Infinite will not only include this feature but expand it in a big way. In the leaks, a Battle Rifle has been combined with a Skewer so that rather than shooting bullets, it instead fires off massive damage.

Even more bizarre is later footage of a Sentinel Beam that has been transformed into a gravity gun that can then be used to lift and catch objects in mid air.

Object scaling is going to be out of control

Halo Infinite Forge Leaks Feature Image
Player’s will be able to turn Master Chief into a giant statue in Forge

Lastly, the series of leaks show off some exciting customization options for Forge. The clip showcases object modification for the upcoming game mode and how scaling appears to have almost no limits. 

To really give players an idea of the sort of freedom Forge will offer, the leaked footage includes a giant Master Chief statue being sized up and placed in the center of the Behemoth multiplayer map.

This element to Forge will really cement Infinite’s version of the game mode as the most creative and unique to date. Fans will have the change to experiment in a way they never have before and create new and downright ridiculous maps to play with their friends and online.

When will Forge be released?

Now over 6 months post release, 343 are still yet to drop many pivotal game modes and features — and Forge’s release date still remains shrouded despite initially being lined up with Halo Infinite Season 3’s release.

Forge isn’t the only thing in waiting. The co-op campaign and mission replayability are two other features players are waiting for.

Given 343’s desire to get co-op up and running, it is likely Forge won’t be coming until much later in the year. While this delay has caused much frustration for fans, these leaks do suggest that it may be the most exciting and creative version to date.