Snip3down explains why Halo Infinite’s strong aim assist will never be nerfed

Snip3down playing Halo Infinite343 Industries / Instagram: snip3down_

Controller aim assist in Halo Infinite has been a contentious topic since multiplayer launched but veteran pro Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona argues that “nothing” will ever change for one key reason.

Ever since Halo Infinite’s multiplayer went live, one thing has been abundantly clear. Controller players are one step ahead of those on mouse and keyboard.

Early data has proven outright that aim assist on controller outclasses even the most accurate mouse and keyboard users. While many have been quick to explode over the prominence of aim assist — for one reason or another — “nothing is going to happen” according to one of the most accomplished controller players in FPS history, Snip3down.

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Having made the swap back to Halo after a stint in Apex Legends, the 13-year veteran is confident Infinite’s aim assist isn’t going away “anytime soon.”

Halo Infinite accuracy chartReddit: Alfphie
Controller players are far more accurate than those using mouse and keyboard.

With “every pro” at the highest level using a controller, no different from previous Halo titles, the developers simply “can’t nerf aim assist,” Snip3down explained.

“[343 Industries] knew that there weren’t going to be any mouse and keyboard pros,” he said during a recent Twitch stream. “But they did what they needed to do and they made it so mouse and keyboard has its own playlist to keep them entertained and involved.”

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Without these separate matchmaking pools, he claims the top mouse and keyboard players would “want to quit” due to being “dominated by controller players all the time.”

If the developers were to implement a hefty nerf, the exact opposite would occur, according to the Halo star. 

“You can’t nerf aim assist hard because it will make all the average and below-average players suck to the point where they don’t want to play. They are the majority of your player base, so nothing is going to happen.”

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“What do you expect when the game has been controller-dominated for so long?” Snip3down asked. “What are you going to do about it?”

Not only would an aim assist nerf have a drastic impact on the casual player base, but with the pro season already underway, its ripple effect could drive the top competitors away.

343 is yet to comment on the possibility of aim assist tweaks in Halo Infinite.