Snip3down gets emotional as he’s set to leave Apex Legends for Halo Infinite

TSM Snip3down with Apex Legends and Halo Infinite in backgroundTSM/343 Industries/Respawn Entertainment

TSM Apex Legends pro Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona appeared to get emotional on stream after what is rumored to be his last ever Apex tournament, with a return to his Halo roots pending.

For several weeks before Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launch on November 15, the return of former Halo pros to the scene was talked about far and wide.

One team that looked to be recruiting former pros from older games was that of FaZe Clan, who looked as though they would be bringing in OpTic’s former CoD champion Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper as their fourth for the opening LAN at HCS Raleigh.

Before long, that changed, and rumors started to ramp up that instead of FormaL they would be bringing Snip3down into the fold. Now, after placing 2nd in the Apex Legends Global Series with his squad, an emotional Snip3down appeared to all but confirm it.

Snip3down HaloHCS
Snip3down is allegedly making his return to Halo with the release of Infinite.

After finishing up the evening with a successful stream and tournament placement, Snip3down sat for several minutes, not saying anything and simply staring into the abyss.

With his head in his hands, it clearly looks as though something is playing on Snip3down’s mind, but it’s certainly given viewers and fans more reason to believe the Halo rumors.

Not long after, Snip3down posted a tweet that seemed to all but confirm his impending departure from Apex Legends.

“Emotional doesn’t even begin to describe it, but I’m very thankful of everything I’ve been a part of,” he said. “Happy to have ended with 2nd place and get some much-needed points for the squad.”

While Snip3down hasn’t confirmed his future plans yet, it’s hard to see past what he’s hinting at after a lengthy stint in Apex Legends.

He’s been one of the most popular players in the franchise for a while but, with Halo looking set to return to full force, Snip3down could be one name leading the way.