Halo Infinite hacker banned after shamelessly streaming cheats

Jacob Hale
halo infinite wallhacks343 Industries

A Halo Infinite ranked hacker got banned on Twitch after exposing himself using cheats live against top Halo pros.

Hacking in online games has become more and more common over time, especially as a particularly prominent part of the experience in Call of Duty battle royale hit Warzone.

The hacking problem has spread to all different types of games, and Halo Infinite is no exception, unfortunately.

The thing is, if you are hacking in a video game, one of the worst things you can do is show it on your Twitch stream like this cheater has.

Halo Infinite hackers are already ruining matches in beta343 Industries
Halo Infinite launched on November 15 and has already been hit by a wave of hackers.

On November 29, after winning the 2nd HCS NA open qualifier, OpTic Gaming Halo star Tommy ‘Lucid’ Wilson matched up against a team who he claimed cheated against him in a previous match.

It turned out that one of the opposing players was streaming, and had his cheats live for all to see, despite initially trying to deny the accusations.

The player, who goes by ethanoill, can see enemy players through walls and track them around the map, easily picking them off when they turn round corners, with the boxes visible for all of their new viewers to see.

The cheater’s Twitch account has since been banned, with some reporting that they’ve also been banned on Halo Infinite.

It goes without saying that if you’re going to cheat in an online video game, the worst thing you can do is stream yourself doing so on Twitch. Not only that, but to do it against popular pro players, you’re just asking for a ban.

Needless to say, the best course of action to avoid this would simply be to not cheat, and hopefully developers 343 Industries get a grip of the hacking situation before it gets out of hand.