NICKMERCS gives honest review of Halo Infinite: “Same old s**t”

Halo Infinite and NICKMERCSTwitch: NICKMERCS/343 Industries

Top Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has given his first impression of the highly anticipated new Halo Infinite — and he’s not massively impressed.

Halo Infinite is six years in the making and, on the 20th-anniversary celebrations of the release of the original Xbox on November 15, the multiplayer for the game was officially launched earlier than originally planned.

With so many top names in the esports and streaming worlds having been huge Halo fans in its heyday, thousands of players swarmed to download Infinite as soon as it became available, including top streamers such as Nick, TimTheTatman, Dr Disrespect and more.

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While the initial reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, Nick isn’t so convinced by the game, despite enjoying it himself.

Halo Infinite online multiplayer343 Industries
Halo Infinite multiplayer went live on November 15.

Discussing the new Halo game during his November 16 Twitch stream, NICKMERCS told his chat how he really feels about Infinite so far.

When asked about playing the new Halo, he said it’s “pretty good, but the same old sh*t, you know? Doc hit me, he agrees.”

He continued: “Same old sh*t means… What does it mean? It means I’m having fun, but I feel like it’s the same old thing.”

Nick didn’t find the Halo gameplay flawless by any stretch, making several complaints about how aim assist works in the game, and the fact that he’s already suggesting the game doesn’t feel completely refreshing will be tough for viewers who want to see him grind Halo Infinite.

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That said, if Infinite does mark the huge Halo revival many are predicting it to, we could be about to see some more streamers absolutely blow up.