How to pre-order Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X|S & PC

Official artwork from Halo InfiniteMicrosoft / 343

The release date for Halo Infinite nears and there are plenty of ways to pre-order for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs. Here’s how to reserve your copy of Halo Infinite.

The developers at 343 have been giving Halo fans all over the world a preview of what the game will offer with the Technical Beta periods. Though players have been getting into the fight early, every fan is setting their sites for Infinite’s release date on December 8, 2021.

But before we hit the launch date there’s still time to scope out different retail offers to see what kind of bonuses are on the cards for digital or physical rewards.

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There’s still plenty of time to catch up, so here’s how to pre-order Halo Infinite on your preferred platform.

Halo Infinite pre-order

halo infinite pre orderMicrosoft
The base DLC bonus for pre-ordering Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite is now available for pre-order from most retail chains, with the $60 base edition giving you access to campaign and multiplayer.

There doesn’t seem to be many variations for what’s out there in terms of different editions, so keep a close eye on what select retailers could have in store.


You can reserve your copy of Halo Infinite from GameStop who will be offering the Zeta Sky Armor and Weapon Coatings plus the Chosen Emblem and Nameplate.

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Both Walmart and Best Buy are offering the same DLC incentive, so don’t worry if you can’t purchase from GameStop for whatever reason.

Best Buy

Like we mentioned, getting Halo Infinite from Best Buy will still yield the Zeta Sky skin along with the rest of the DLC.

The biggest difference here is the Steelbook case that comes with Halo Infinite, the exclusive BR75 weapon, and a $10 reward card for My Best Buy members.


halo infinite pre orderWalmart
Walmart’s Halo Infinite offer includes a mix of physical and digital bonuses.

Getting Halo Infinite from Walmart will give you a random, but distinct, bonus in the form of the included Mega Construx Halo Helmet. They come in three randomly selected colors (green, blue, red) along with a Steelbook case.

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The same pre-order DLC applies with a distinct change in exclusive weapon exclusive with the MK50 Sidekick.


The online retail giant, Amazon, has Halo Infinite up for sale in the standard edition and Steelbook case edition, both for $60.

The same base batch of pre-order DLC will be available on Amazon.

Halo Infinite on Xbox Game Pass

With the legendary Xbox franchise getting its next-gen launch, Game Pass subscribers are already taken care of once the title drops.

We see the value in Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft is only going to up the ante once its mainline series start to release.

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There are plenty of ways to get your copy of Halo Infinite in time for its December 8 release. Which will you choose?